One Piece Chapter 915


The Tales of the Self-Styled Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Part 43, Special Edition: “A Pirate’s Retirement: Bellamy the Dyer.” Under the supervision of an old dyer, Bellamy intently paints a flag with a skull and crossbones.


Wano Country, the principality of Kuri: The sumo wrestler Urashima, who only a short time before had asked for O-Kiku’s hand in marriage, sits at dinner and talks to one of Kaidou’s subordinates named Mouseman about why his beloved still doesn’t want to become his wife. Mouseman, however, only says that Urashima, as a samurai and henchman of Shogun Orochi, could simply take what he wants…

Meanwhile, at the city’s residence, the kidnapped O-Tama has been brought to Holdem, a high-ranking member of the Beasts Pirates who is in charge of the area. The headliner has been eating from an artificial Devil Fruit, which causes a lion’s head to grow out of his stomach along with his front paws, which greatly frightens O-Tama. The Smile user is apparently interested in the girl’s ability to tame wild animals. As he was reported, this was based on a devil power, where she seemed to pull something out of her cheeks. When O-Tama lies about her powers, Holdem tries to figure it out with the help of a pair of pliers….

Back in town, a sumo tournament has begun. At this moment, Luffy, Zoro and O-Kiku also arrive on the scene, with the former immediately using his Haki to knock out some baffled residents. Looking for O-Tama, the three of them eventually run into Urashima again, who quickly orders his men to grab O-Kiku and bring them to him. The two straw hats naturally want to intervene, but before they have to act, O-Kiku already grabs their sword and, to the shock and horror of the crowd, cuts off the braid of the strongest of all sumo wrestlers of Wano Country…

Oda’s comment

The show at Universal Studios Japan was great again this year – literally and figuratively. Many thanks to the staff and the effort!

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