One Piece Chapter 914


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Part 42, Special Edition: “This is a town for dyed goods.” Bellamy has arrived on an island with many windmills and is standing in front of large vertical clotheslines with numerous flags hanging from them.


The principality of Kuri on Wano Country: Luffy, Zoro and O-Tama are still in the teahouse of O-Tsuru and O-Kiku. Due to their medicine, O-Tama is also already feeling much better, but she still suffers from unimaginable hunger. Therefore, O-Tsuru forces her to accept some of their food. So while the little girl is being taken care of, Luffy talks to the teahouse owner. She tells him that large parts of the country are suffering from poverty and hunger since the new government contaminated all rivers and forests. Only in the city where this same government resides would there still be clean water and non-toxic food. Everyone who didn’t directly belong to Kurozumi Orochi or Kaidou ended up in villages, like theirs, where they struggled to make ends meet. The castle of the former ruling family Kozuki, which is now occupied by Shogun Orochi, is located on a mountain not far away. At this moment suddenly an arrow comes flying in Tsuru’s direction, but Zoro is able to fend it off. The attacker is one of Kaidou’s men named Batman, who has been eating from a Smile that gave him bat-zoan powers. As he reveals, he overheard O-Tsuru speaking ill of the Shogun, which is why he now wants to kill her. Of course, Luffy and Zoro don’t want to let that happen, but before they can disable their opponent, another enemy named Gazelleman appears. He in turn possesses artificial devil powers in the form of a gazelle fruit, which is why he is incredibly fast. He immediately uses this to grab O-Tama and kidnap him. With the help of Komachiyo he’s followed by Luffy, Zoro and O-Kiku, who grabs a sword and thus reveals herself as a samurai. Only a little later the four of them reach the entrance gate to the area of the 100-beast pirate gang, which, to the dismay of O-Kiku, makes Luffy and Zoro smile slyly…

Meanwhile, elsewhere: the Heart pirate gang has just reported to their captain, Trafalgar Law, that Luffy and Zoro have invaded the government district. Shocked, Law immediately jumps up and wants to leave to prevent them from getting into trouble and ruining the whole plan…


  • Among the many flags on the cover, Shanks’ Jolly Roger can also be seen. After Bartolomeo, Bellamy could now be the next follower of Luffy to infiltrate Shanks’ territory.

Oda’s comment

I had a meeting and then ate Tempura with Marty-san and the rest of the live action series producers from overseas. Things are moving along!
This refers to Marty Adelstein (note: needs link), who is an executive producer on the One Piece live-action adaptation.

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