One Piece Chapter 912


Color spread of the Straw Hat Pirates as they each pursue a different sport. The cover is a collaboration between One Piece and the Yomiuri Shimbun, promoting a project called “3D2Y to 2020 KISEKI.” It aims to get kids excited about sports and hints at the 2020 Summer Olympicswhich will be held in Japan in 2020.


Wano Country, in the principality of Kuri: Luffy is still with O-Tama and her master Hitetsu. Based on the girl’s statement, he asks his new acquaintance if she is indeed waiting for the Portgas D. Ace. When O-Tama answers in the affirmative, Luffy reveals to her that Ace is dead. Shocked by this news, O-Tama immediately faints.

Hitetsu, in turn, uses this to tell Luffy about how Ace and his men landed in Wano Country four years ago. At the time, the people were suffering from a great famine, so they attacked the exhausted pirates, tied them up, and took all their provisions. The pirate captain, however, was able to free himself easily, but he did not take revenge, but met the inhabitants with great kindness and helpfulness. Ace’s men ended up staying for a few weeks, during which time they met O-Tama, among others. She wanted to join the crew, but Ace put the little girl off for the time being, saying that she should become a strong ninja and could then accompany him as soon as he returned to Wano Country.

To thank O-Tama, Luffy now wants to find a doctor and something to eat with her. To do so, he borrows a kimono and a sword from Hitetsu so as not to attract attention on the way, but the swordsmith reveals that the straw hat cannot have this very sword, as it is none other than the cursed Kitetsu of the second generation, which in turn was forged by one of his ancestors. Unimpressed by this, the rubber boy nevertheless sets off.

On Komachiyo’s back, the two ride as fast as possible towards the forest line, but there they find only a vast wasteland. This in turn was created by the enormous pollution and poisoning of the entire region by Kaidou’s factories. Only the workers are supplied with clean water and non-toxic food, which is why Luffy immediately wants to head there. On the way, however, he observes that once again a person, just like O-Tama before, is being chased by Kaidou’s men, who want to rob them. However, another figure rushes in and takes out the pursuers in a flash. As the straw-hatted captain steps closer to the action, he realises that the rescuer is Zoro, whom he immediately falls joyfully around his neck. Before the two can talk, however, a subordinate of Kaidou’s approaches them. It’s Basil “Mage” Hawkins himself, who was just on his way to the beach, but is now sure to have already found both the intruder and the murderer he was looking for in the capital. As he continues to reveal to his two counterparts, there are only two options in Wano Country: Serve the strong or hide from them for life. At Zoro’s hint that Kinemon had asked him not to cause a stir, Luffy puts on a big grin and understands this request to mean that they will probably have to apologize to the samurai afterwards…

Oda’s comment

My thoughts are with the victims of the floods in western Japan.
Oda is talking here about the 2018 Japan floodswhich claimed more than 200 lives.

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