One Piece Chapter 911


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates after a shopping trip.


On a certain beach: Luffy has encountered two creatures, a Komainu and a Giant Baboon, which at this moment begin to fight each other. That’s when the rubber boy remembers what happened: when the Straw Hats were caught in a whirlpool at the top of the waterfall with the Thousand Sunny, Sanji brought the rest of the crew to safety while Luffy stayed behind on the Sunny and was therefore stranded alone. Now, while realizing that he has lost the Vivre Card Kinemons on top of everything else, he suddenly hears noises coming from the forest. There, in turn, are two men whose appearance is reminiscent of Kaidou’s underlings, apparently riding with a prisoner in tow who is accused of siding with the overthrown Kozuki clan. When the two see the newcomer on the beach, they immediately want to open fire, but Luffy is able to take out the attackers with ease and shortly after also immobilize the giant ape with his haki, which was apparently under the command of the men. As the straw-hatted captain now has to find out, the prisoner is a little girl named O-Tama, who, based on a devil’s power, pulls a flour ball out of her cheek and gives it to the baboon to eat. This seems to have tamed the baboon, which pleases O-Tama as she now has another comrade-in-arms on her side. When asked by Luffy, O-Tama reports that he is here in the principality of Kuri, and that she herself had accidentally mentioned the name Kozuki moments before, which is punishable here. The Komainu, on the other hand, is her protector, which is why he attacked the enemy giant baboon. As thanks for the rescue, O-Tama shows Luffy a hiding place for the Thousand Sunny, and then brings the Straw Hat to her home to cook for him. She herself goes without food in the process, saying that she wants to become a ninja someday and therefore needs to keep her weight down. While Luffy eats, O-Tama briefly retreats when suddenly her master arrives, mistaking Luffy for an intruder. Only the girl’s intervention calms the old man down, as O-Tama suddenly collapses, coughing. As the master immediately realizes, she had once again drunk the river water to cover her hunger, but the water was contaminated by sewage from the factories Emperor Kaidou runs on the island. According to the master, O-Tama should therefore be living in another place by now, but she doesn’t want to leave because she’s waiting for the return of a pirate named Ace…!

Meanwhile, elsewhere: A senior member of Kaidou’s gang is reported to have lost contact with the two men in Kuri. No one knows who or how many are responsible, but it is certain that someone has docked at the island. The boss wants no one to tell Kaidou about this for now; instead, he wants to check for himself first. The high-ranking pirate under Kaidou’s command is none other than Basil “Magician” Hawkins…


  • To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Weekly Shōnen Jump, the magazine’s logo is hiding in all the manga series published in issue #33.

Oda’s comment

I got a rose from Japan’s Bachelor Rintaro Oyaizu, so I’m thinking about becoming his bride.
See comment from chapter 908

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