One Piece Chapter 910


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Orlumbus Edition, Part 40: “4:30 P.M. – Because they are very poor, we now provide for them.” After their attack, Orlumbus and his fleet now decide to support the islanders because of their extreme poverty.


Somewhere at sea: The Thousand Sunny is on its way to Wano Country when Nami receives the daily newspaper. In it, she reads an article about the Levely, with everyone noticing that many acquaintances are participating, including Vivi, Shirahoshi, Viola, Rebecca, and Dalton. When Chopper also spots Kureha in one of the pictures, he immediately has to cut out the article, which leads to Nami not being able to properly read another one about Big Mom and Kaidou meeting.

Only a short time later, the Straw Hats reach a very choppy sea, which is why Brook suggests Luffy use the Den-den Mushi to reach Kinemon so he can better explain the way to Wano Country to them, however, no one answers the Straw Hat captain. As the Sunny runs into increasingly fractious waves that break on increasingly frequent rock formations, Nami recalls a conversation with Kinemon in which he told the navigator that Wano Country is in an area of extreme weather, which naturally protects the samurais from intruders. Therefore, Nami prefers to wait and see what happens next, but the ship is already in the middle of the storm. At that moment, a school of giant carp swims past the travelers, giving Sanji pause for thought since they can’t actually survive in the ocean. This in turn makes the Straw Hats understand that they are already in the foothills of Wano Country and are just not sailing across the sea anymore, but across a gigantic river, which is rimmed by the rock formations. To everyone’s horror, this very river leads directly to a large waterfall, which the carp simply swim up, but which Sunny could never sail along. Therefore, Luffy decisively grabs two of the carps so that they pull the Thousand Sunny up the waterfall. When they reach the top, however, the crew is confronted with an enormous whirlpool…!

The Thousand Sunny has washed up on a large beach, with Luffy lying in the sand next to his ship. When he wakes up, he immediately discovers a lion-like beast tampering with the craft. Setting this up, he is also joined by some sort of oversized monkey carrying a giant sword….


  • There are numerous references to Japanese culture in the chapter:

Oda’s comment

Barbecue season is here and I want to have a barbecue. Also, I want Nagashi Sōmen.
Sōmenare fine, long vermicelli made from wheat flour. Some Japanese restaurants offer Nagashi Sōmen, where the noodles flow in ice-cold water through a long open bamboo tube from which diners must fish their noodles out with their chopsticks.

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