One Piece Chapter 909


Tales of the self-proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Orlumbus Edition, Part 39: “4 p.m. – The first battle as a pirate! Launch the attack!” Orlumbus gives the order for his fleet to attack the island in front of them.


Somewhere in the New World: The Minks have docked on the shore of an island where Nekomamushi wants to meet Marco. While everyone has to wait at the ship, the “Ruler of the Night” has gone behind a large waterfall. There hides a secret passage, which in turn leads to a hidden, peaceful village. And there Nekomamushi has already met Marco, who is working as a doctor in the village. As the “Phoenix” tells the Cat Mink, this land is too poor to pay the taxes of the World Nobles, which is why it’s not part of the world government. Such places usually become havens for criminals, such as pirates or human traffickers, leading to violence and misery. As he goes on to tell, Whitebeard personally came from this island, where he grew up as an orphan and is now buried. After eventually becoming a pirate, he used all of his wealth to build his home. After his death, however, the war of vengeance against Blackbeard began, during which Whitebeard’s former followers were stripped of everything; only this place remained as Edward Newgate’s legacy. Also, Marco had already heard of the new Samurai of the Seas Edward Weevil, who claims to be Whitebeard’s biological son and is targeting all who were connected to him. Therefore, as the former 1st Division commander suspects, Weevil will likely show up soon to take him out as well. While he has no knowledge of a son of Whitebeard, he does know his alleged mother, Bakkin. The latter once sailed as a pirate together with Newgate. Therefore, as Marco tells Nekomamushi, he cannot leave this place at the moment to help the Straw Hats, as he is the only protection from Weevil. Instead, however, he asks the Mink to take a message to Wano Country for Luffy….

Meanwhile, on the aforementioned island of Wano Country, the homeland of the samurai somewhere in the New World: The squares around the palace are bustling with activity, and the Straw Hats led by Kinemon and Co. have already arrived. However, they are still all working undercover as part of the population to avoid attracting Kaidou’s attention until all the preparations for their plan are made. So Franky is employed as a local carpenter, Usopp on the other hand is promoting a special wound healing ointment to the local residents, and Nico Robin is training as a geisha with an old lady. At this moment, information is spreading through the streets that the murderer, who has been committing his crimes at night for the past month, has been caught. As it turns out, the accused is Zoro. He pretends to be a Rōnin (masterless samurai) and is now supposed to kill himself by Seppuku as punishment. For this purpose, he has already been brought before several officials of the country, who additionally believe him to be a thief because he is carrying the Shuusui. This sacred sword of the legendary Ryuma was stolen 23 years ago. While being handed a knife to carry out the suicide, Zoro reveals that the official sitting in front of him smells of blood. Therefore, he had long since realized that he was the real killer. With a powerful thrust, Zoro therefore creates a mighty cutting wave with the knife, which strikes the convicted murderer and, in addition, splinters the building behind it, to the disbelieving looks of all present. In his mind, Zoro apologizes to Kinemon for ruining the secrecy of their presence….


  • Usopp appears in this chapter as a street vendor. These street performers also existed in Japan during the Edo period. As such, they perform little tricks to advertise their products. In Usopp’s case, it is toad oil, which is known as wound healing ointment. He cuts a piece of paper several times with a sword and then throws it in the air like confetti. He does this to show that the blade of the sword is sharp and can also cut. Next, he wounds himself on the arm with the sword and then smears the toad oil on the bleeding wound. The oil instantly closes the wound and the spectators are amazed by the effect. However, the truth is that the blade of the sword is not completely sharp, but also partially dull. By surreptitiously smearing blood on the blade of the sword beforehand and then rubbing the blunt part of the blade along his arm, it looks to the audience as if Usopp has inflicted a bleeding wound on himself. When he then wipes the blood off again with the toad oil, it looks as if the oil has immediately closed the wound.
  • Usopp’s alias is Lysohachi or in the original Usohachi. Just like in his real name, the word for lie(Uso) and the word for the number eight(Hachi) can be found here. In Japan, there is the phrase “800 lies” (jap. うそ八百, Uso Happyaku), meaning “full of lies”. Also, one of Usopp’s lying techniques is that there are 8,000 men under his command.
  • The street killer will be in Japaneseen Tsujigiri called. Tsujigiri (note: needs link) are samurais who often roam the streets at night and randomly attack people to try out a new sword or attack technique.

Oda’s comment

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