One Piece Chapter 908


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Orlumbus Edition, Part 38: “3pm – The Drafting of a Pirate Guide to Behavior.” Orlumbus has retired and is drafting a pirate behavior guide.


Mary Geoise, in Pangaea Castle: Thanks to the devilish powers of Mansherry, the now-freed Shirahoshi has been restored to perfect health. To ensure her continued safety, Saint Donquixote Mjosgard assures King Neptune of his unconditional support and the protection that comes with his position.

At the same time, Pell seeks Vivi out and apologizes for having to leave her side, but King Kobra apparently received a letter from Admiral Fujitora, which is why he is now in secret talks with both him and King Riku Doldo III of Dress Rosa.

Elsewhere in the Holy Land, outside the entrance gate to the realm of the World Nobles: An old lady stands before the guards and introduces herself as the Queen of the Kingdom of Sorbet. Nevertheless, the guards do not want to allow her to enter. At this moment, the wounded Saint Charlos is carried outside the gate to be treated inside the protected area. His father, Saint Rosward, has also heard of his encounter with Mjosgard, and is also rushing towards the gate. The old lady uses this moment to sneak past the guards. As is revealed at this moment, Rosward is riding the badly wounded Bartholomew Kuma, who has been made a slave as punishment. Observing this, the old woman hides and eventually turns back into Jewelry Bonney, who has apparently infiltrated Mary Geoise to get revenge for Bear!

Meanwhile, in the underground of the Holy Land: As it turns out, not only has Sabo made it to Mary Geoise, but so have his fellow revolutionaries Karasu, Lindbergh, and Morley. Using the latter’s abilities, they hide beneath the surface of the earth for the time being, only to strike at the right moment to free their Nakama Bear, according to Sabo. As Lindbergh adds, Bear was once the king of Sorbet, but he turned to the revolutionaries and thus away from the world government, which is why he was made an example of. According to Sabo, the only end to this mission is victory or death…

Meanwhile at the castle: The reverie is finally about to begin, so all the kings gather at a big table one by one. Some of them talk about the Big Mom-Kaidou incident, while others wonder if Monkey D. Luffy will cause more trouble. Finally, all the regents are seated and the Levely can begin. This year’s chairman is Ham Burger, the King of Ballywood…

In another corridor: The Five Elders are on their way to their residence. They too have heard of the start of the Levely. As they tell each other, King Kobra has requested an audience with them, but they consider him a traitor since his family was the only one of the 20 founding families not to move to Mary Geoise 800 years ago. Secretly, they fear that he might have “found something out” and thus “just complicate everything.” Moreover, there was also the incident with the two emperors, which proved that the wave of the great battle of Marine Ford could not be stopped. Therefore, it was now time for a “great purge”…. Their destination, which they have just reached, appears to be a room full of flowers. In it is the unknown figure, who only hours before had been in an icy room looking at an oversized straw hat. Behind him, pierced by a knife, lie the wanted posters of Luffy and Blackbeard, as well as a picture of Shirahoshi, in his hand also a photograph of Princess Vivi. When he is told that everyone is there, the person goes to the empty throne. He sits down on it and sees the Five Elders kneeling in front of him! Thereupon they ask the great “Im” which light he wants to extinguish from history in the sense of peace this time…!

Oda’s comment

I am happy to announce that the second season of The Bachelor Japan has begun. I want a rose from Oyaizu.

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