One Piece Chapter 907


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Orlumbus Edition, Part 37: “The Tearful Departure of the Thief of 56 Fleet Ships: ‘Thanks for Everything.'” Orlumbus and his Yonta Maria Grand Fleet leave the Kingdom of Standing as the King and his soldiers angrily fire cannons at them.


Whole Cake Island: Charlotte Linlin is sitting on her throne and has none other than Emperor Kaidou on a Den-den Mushi right now. As she has apparently just revealed to the latter, she plans to come to Wano Country to wait for Luffy and eventually kill him. Kaidou vehemently denies this, as he himself also wants the Straw Hat Captain’s head, though Big Mom reminds him that he still owes her a big favor from long ago. Therefore, instead of complaining, he should rather ally with her like in the old days….

At the same time on New Marineford: The information that the two emperors have been talking and could possibly form an alliance has been intercepted by the navy and reaches the headquarters at this moment. The imminent danger causes a big stir, which is why Borsalino already wants to leave to prevent something worse, but Sakazuki stops him, since nobody knows exactly how big Wano Country’s military strength really is…

Meanwhile, at the Red Port, nearly all of the Navy’s greats are on hand to protect the Levely, including Vice Admirals Garp, Tokikake, and Gion, who are sitting down to dinner. The latter is incensed that Garp seems to blithely accept that two of the most powerful pirates in the world are after his grandson, though he reminds his comrade that anyone who could do anything about it is busy with the Levely. When asked, Gion further reveals that Sakazuki doesn’t want to do anything since Wano Country isn’t part of the world government and therefore doesn’t fall under her jurisdiction. At that point, Garp also admits with a grin that another merger of two emperors would be an incident far beyond the imagination of anyone present!

Meanwhile in Mary Geoise: Sterry has just been led to the so-called “empty throne”, where every new king of the world government has to take a vow. The fact that the throne is unoccupied represents that all kings are equal and that there is no one ruler of the world. Although greed for the throne is forbidden, Sterry thinks of nothing else but sitting on it.

Off to the side, Saint Charlos has entered the lounge area of the Regents who have arrived and is there right now trying to make Shirahoshi his slave. Of course Vivi and Rebecca want to intervene, but Sai reminds them that this could start a war. So Leo takes the initiative instead, but the dwarf is stopped by another person. This one is Rob Lucci, who is also on the scene with CP0, including Kaku and Stussy, to protect Charlos. According to Lucci’s statements, the World Nobles are like gods and are thus above ordinary kings. Therefore, they could demand anything they wanted without having to justify themselves. Then King Neptune himself steps in to attack Charlos and the CP0 and free his daughter. As he announces, he will travel back to Fishmen Island afterwards, as the cruel surface is probably not the right place for his people after all. Weeping that he will not be able to realize Otohime’s dream after all, his attack is interrupted by a stranger. He has a club with him, with which he knocks Charlos down, to the shock of all present! The stranger is another world aristocrat who orders Shirahoshi’s immediate release and apologizes to Neptune for his shameful behavior. He goes on to explain that he assumes Neptune doesn’t remember him, but they’ve already met, which is why he’s been waiting all these years for the Ryuuguu King’s arrival to pay his debt to his family. Then Neptune realizes that it is the world aristocrat who was stranded on Fish Man Island ten years ago and got help from Otohime. The latter introduces himself as Saint Donquixote Mjosgard and continues to offer his help, since, according to his own statement, he only became a human being through Otohime, who opened his eyes.

Elsewhere, in the lounge of the Five Elders: The rulers of the world are evidently having a guest at the moment, whose presence in the Holy Land, however, they consider highly irregular. Nevertheless, because of his position, they want to allow him to speak before them, for which they in turn send out all their guards. The man in the robe is none other than Emperor Shanks, who gratefully sits down to talk about a certain pirate!!!!


  • The title contains a play on words. The kanji mean the “empty throne”. Literally translated, however, Sora No Gyokuza means “throne of heaven”.

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Ready Player One (film) was great. Spielberg always inspires me.

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