One Piece Chapter 906


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Orlumbus Edition, Part 36: “10 a.m.. Orlumbus and Columbus’ Meticulous Cleaning Check.” Orlumbus and Columbus beat up a cleaner aboard their ship for finding more dirt.


Red Port, between the Redline and New Marineford: The gondolas that are supposed to bring the various regents to the top of the massive rock massif to Mary Geoise for the Levely have just reached their end. Therefore, the family of Neptune, as well as dozens of other royalty, now enter the vast area called “Holy Land”. After an enormous stone staircase they finally catch sight of the majestic castle of the World Nobles, to which they are to be brought again by an automatic moving walkway. Looking at the artificially planted forest in front of the castle, however, Fukaboshi would much rather use the normal path next to it to be able to show his sister the trees. King Neptune himself agrees with this idea. On the way, the first son of the Ryuuguu kingdom gets a bad feeling about the moving walkway. As it actually turns out, though hidden from him, this very walkway is not automatic at all, but is operated underground by slaves!

Meanwhile, Saint Charlos is watching the action through binoculars, obviously having his eye on the mermaid princess…

Once at the castle, Shirahoshi meets the princesses Vivi and Rebecca for the first time. As they discover, they are all friends of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, for whose great deeds hidden from the world they would be collectively in their debt.

That’s also when Sai approaches his old acquaintances, with escort leader Leo especially happy to see his newfound Straw Hat Grand Fleet comrade-in-arms again.

Also present is Wapol, who at this moment confronts Vivi with a malicious laugh. However, this is stopped by Dalton, accompanied by Kureha, who drives Wapol away with his energetic appearance.

At the same time in the Impel Down: Level 6 of the undersea prison is now occupied by Donquixote Doflamingo, among others. Judging by his words, he is not alone, but in the presence of Magellan, which surprises and amuses him at the same time, since the “Infinite Hell” is known for its solitary confinement. Laughing mockingly, he asks the former prison warden if he is present to protect him from the soon-to-appear hit men who would surely be sent by the world government to prevent him from talking about the secret treasure of Mary Geoises.

Back in Mary Geoise: Somewhere in the castle an unknown figure walks through the corridors, in his hand the new profile of Monkey D. Luffy. He opens a heavy metal door, which leads into what appears to be a very frosty area. There, in turn, is a large straw hat laid out…

Oda’s comment

My first trip to South Korea. SamgyeopsalKimchiBulgogi and dark Galbi! What a delicious trip!

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