One Piece Chapter 904


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Orlumbus Edition, Part 34: “In the Kingdom of Standing – The Adventurer Announces His Retirement!” Orlumbus informs the King of Standing that he no longer wishes to be an adventurer. The latter is visibly angry at Orlumbus’ decision.


The Kamabakka Kingdom on Momoiro: As it turns out, the revolutionaries have moved their base to the transgender Kingdom after the defeat of Baltigo. There, Emporio Ivankov, Inazuma, Koala, as well as Monkey D. Dragon himself are currently sitting together and waiting for the commanders of the revolutionary army. Ivankov reports that the Kingdom of Germa has been excluded from the World Government and will therefore not participate in the Conference of Kings. Also present is Sabo, who is a little off to the side and is pleased to see Luffy’s newspaper article. When asked by Dragon, he confirms that everyone present should start meeting already so they can finally determine how they will declare war on the World Nobles during the Levely!!!!

Meanwhile, not far away in the Lulusia Kingdom, Peachbeard, a pirate with a bounty of 52 million berries, is raiding the harbor. It turns out that he is sailing under the flag of Emperor Blackbeard. When he strikes Moda to get the town’s gold, she ends up in the arms of a stranger. At that moment, the ground begins to shake as a giant with a trident suddenly rises from underground. The marauding pirates try to attack him, but have no chance as he seems to have the ground under control. Just then, the woman and the giant are joined by two more figures, as one of the residents realizes that the four people are the infamous commanders of the Revolutionary Army, Belo Betty, Morley, Lindbergh, and Karasu! In order to spur the frightened population to fight, Belo Betty waves the flag of the revolutionaries and indeed the residents immediately take up arms, motivated. As Morley explains, this is due to the powers of the Jubilee Fruit, which can awaken the hidden powers of any person. While the townspeople run at the unimpressed pirates with sticks, Lindbergh joins the fight, claiming to have invented a new weapon, the Cool Shooter, and now wants to test it. In fact, he can use it to freeze the pirates’ guns so that they are simply overrun. Furthermore Karasu suddenly summons a flock of crows, which in turn steal the swords of the remaining attackers. Now completely unarmed, Peachbeard’s men eventually lose the battle. Belo Betty then approaches the villagers and gives them the bounty of the raider. In addition, she gives them a map of the revolutionaries so that they can call them should they one day be willing to become stronger on their own.

There are two days left before the reverie….

Oda’s comment

I got a Danny Choo Nami Smart Doll. I had seen photos, but the real thing is impressive!
British-born Danny Choo (note: needs link)is a well-known figure in Japan and founder of Mirai Inc, a company that makes special fashion dolls called Smart Dolls. The Smart Dolls are about 60cm tall, are supposed to embody Japanese culture and even get their own personalities written all over them.

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