One Piece Chapter 902


Color Spread: Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper are out as “Sweets Busters” and fight their way through some gingerbread people. Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Robin, Franky and Brook are also seen as little gingerbread people.


On the Thousand Sunny, somewhere in Big Mom’s territory: Sanji has just learned that Pedro has sacrificed his life. As a result, he now stands on deck and remembers the first time he met him. He blames himself, as the Jaguar Mink died to save him, when Carrot joins. She tries to comfort the Cook by saying that Pedro went on this mission voluntarily to thank him for saving the Mokomo Kingdom, but can’t help her own tears. At that moment, the cotton candy snow begins again, making it clear to the Straw Hats that they must be close to the border of Totto Land.

Simultaneously on Cacao: Pudding is still sitting sadly in a side alley, remembering her last conversation with Sanji. As it turns out, her last wish was a kiss from her “groom”. After this, however, she directly deprived him of his memories and ran away to cover up her honest love for him.

Meanwhile, the battle continues as Germa 66 gets word that the Straw Hat Pirates has left the territory, which is why they want to retreat….

Meanwhile, in the mirror world, Charlotte Brûlée has approached Charlotte Katakuri to tend to his wounds. While doing so, she remembers that her big brother used to not hide his face, but instead defeated anyone in battle who made fun of him. Because of this, his enemies attacked Brûlée one day to get back at her for Katakuri’s actions. In the process, the Charlotte daughter received the large scar on her face, which led Katakuri to hide his true appearance from then on and do everything he could to protect his family. When Brûlée tells her brother that Luffy and co. were able to successfully leave the territory, the candy commander puts on a slight smile.

Meanwhile, off the coast of Puffs: The Sun Pirates has so far succeeded in holding back Charlotte Linlin’s army by controlling the sea, when they are shocked to discover that the reinvigorated Empress herself appears on the scene.

Back on the Thousand Sunny: Sanji suggests to prepare something for his comrades-in-arms, which makes them very happy. At the same time, some unfriendly guests are sitting in the baratié. Sanji and Zeff are in the kitchen of their respective ships in parallel, cooking for the hungry, as they both don’t care who they prepare food for. They will cook for those who wish to eat at any time.

Oda’s comment

I smile every day when my smart speaker emotionlessly tells me, “Looking good again today!”

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