One Piece Chapter 901


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Hajrudin Edition, Part 32: “On the list of Buggy Delivery’s deserters: the New Giant Warrior Pirates’ doctor, Gerd.”


Puffs: Big Mom ate the whole wedding cake and regained her strength as a result.

Meanwhile off the coast of Cacao: The Queen Mama Chanter is drifting in front of a burning pirate ship, when the members of the Big Mom pirate gang present are shocked to discover that it is not the Thousand Sunny, but the ship of the Sun pirate gang! The Sunny, on the other hand, is in the mouth of Wadatsumi, who in turn is on the run underwater. As it turns out, just before the enemy opened fire, the Fishmen had swapped the Straw Hats’ ship for their own, thus sacrificing the legendary Fisher Tiger pirate ship to now take the Straw Hats as well as their captain Jinbe out of the battlefield. Enraged by this ploy, Charlotte Oven once again causes the sea to boil, forcing Wadatsumi to spit out the Sunny. By this time, however, the entire Sunny pirate gang is already between the Straw Hats and Linlin’s fleet. To buy their friends even more time, the fish-men finally jump into the fray, while Jinbe gives some instructions on how to make the ship seaworthy again, pointing out that Luffy and co. should leave Big Mom’s territory as soon as possible, which should take a few hours. After that, the “Knight of the Sea” continues to reveal that he can’t leave his men behind and will stay for that reason. Luffy, of course, doesn’t want to let that happen, but also wants to continue fighting himself, but Jinbe asks him to leave him to watch his back so that the Sun Pirates’ sacrifice in favor of the Straw Hats won’t be in vain. At this, the Straw Hat yells out to his new nakama that he is now his captain! In the same breath, however, he agrees to Jinbe’s request and orders him to come to Wano Country after the battle, where they will be waiting for him! In conclusion, Jinbe tells them that some powerful fish people could even influence ocean currents. At that very moment, the entire sea begins to rage, and huge waves prevent Big Mom’s fleet from pursuing the Thousand Sunny any further…

Meanwhile, in the skies over Big Mom’s territory, Morgans and Stussy leave Totto Land, the former summarizing the events of the last few hours for his next headlines. At this, Stussy notes that “Big News” sounds like he’s a fan of Luffy’s, which Morgans confirms. In his estimation, the next King of the Pirates will rise from the ranks of the so-called “Worst Generation”, with Monkey D. Luffy being one of the prime candidates…!

Oda’s comment

Strawberry Harvest! I put strawberries and bacon in my champagne and down it. Yikes!

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