One Piece Chapter 899


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Hajrudin Edition, Part 31: “On Buggy’s Delivery’s list of deserters: the New Giant Warrior Pirates’ cook, Goldberg.”


On the high seas: Charlotte Mont d’Or has just contacted the fleet of Charlotte Perospero and Charlotte Bavarois, who are accompanying Big Mom in her pursuit of Capone Bege’s pirate gang and the wedding cake on his ship. Bavarois reports that Perospero is getting weaker due to his injury, but Bavarois sees much more important problems at the moment: he reports that the Fire Tank pirates have now dumped the cake on Puffs and that there is no way to stop Linlin from eating it. This in turn leaves only three possibilities, with Perospero certain that the pie was poisoned. According to the first Charlotte son, Big Mom could die from the poison, which would mean the end of her gang. However, if the poison doesn’t work, the pie could taste good or bad. Only in the latter case could all the inhabitants of Deadland survive, whereas the former would lead to an unending, all-destroying frenzy by the Empress. The news spreads across all the islands at lightning speed, eventually arriving on Puffs, where it also turns out that Bege’s ship has already been destroyed. When Big Mom lands on the island at this moment, Capone and Chiffon also flee along with all the other inhabitants…

Meanwhile, off the coast of Cacao: Luffy and Sanji have indeed made it onto the Thousand Sunny, but they still have to escape the fleet led by Charlotte Smoothie and Charlotte Daifuku. As the latter begins firing on the Sunny, the Germa fleet’s lead ship suddenly intervenes, backing up the Straw Hats. Sailing past it, however, the Straw Hat pirates are horrified to discover that the fleet pursuing them has already sailed all the way around Cacao, and is thus now in front of them as well. Thus surrounded and at the mercy of their enemies, survival seems hopeless. But then suddenly the sea under the enemy ships lifts as Wadatsumi appears! This follows the entire sun pirate gang, which wants to come to the aid of their former captain Jinbe!

Oda’s comment

I am overwhelmed by the Rakugo masterpieces of the living national treasure and master Kosanji Yanagiya, who survived his serious illness and continues to compete against his age and the comedy stage!
Rakugois a Japanese entertainment art performed in the form of witty monologues. Kosanji Yanagiya was a traditional rakugo storyteller. He died in 2021.

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