One Piece Chapter 898


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Hajrudin Edition, Part 30: “On the list of Buggy’s Delivery deserters: the Navigator of the New Giant Warrior Pirates, Road.”


Cacao: Germa 66 has appeared in the person of Sanji’s siblings, who are now facing the army of Charlotte Oven, who immediately opens fire.

Meanwhile, the fleets of Charlotte Smoothie and Charlotte Daifuku want to concentrate on the Thousand Sunny. There, in turn, Nami and Jinbe are discussing whether the Vinsmokes can be trusted at all, when suddenly Sanji calls in via Den-den Mushi. As he instructs, the Sunny is to sail along the harbor at top speed, while he will somehow make it there.

Carrying out the order, the battle on land is already raging. All the soldiers are firing at Sanji, but the Cook is still able to fight his way out the first part of the way. Then Charlotte Brûlée yells into the crowd that her enemy Monkey D. Luffy didn’t flee from Charlotte Katakuri, who was considered invincible, but actually beat him, so he must never leave the island alive! Shocked and enraged, Oven himself finally grabs his sword to stop the Straw Hat as Ichiji interferes in the action. With his “Sparking Valkyrie” attack, he pierces the fourth son of the Charlotte family with several laser beams, incapacitating him for the time being.

Thereupon Charlotte Yuen again wants to stop the fugitives, but this time Yonji takes care of him. His technique “Winch Danton” effortlessly destroys the weapon of Charlotte’s son and flings him away.

Still targeted by countless guns, Niji now also takes the initiative and grabs his brother with his superhuman speed. While simultaneously executing the “Henry Blazer” attack, taking out large portions of the Charlotte army, he frantically launches Sanji and Luffy into the airspace above the harbor.

The ships of Charlotte Snack, Charlotte Brownie and Charlotte Joconde are already waiting there, but Reiju is also already on the scene. Using a poison gas technique called “Pink Hornet”, she simultaneously wrestles all the gunmen to the ground, whereupon Sanji can advance unhindered.

Not far away from him, the Cook recognizes the Thousand Sunny…

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