One Piece Chapter 897


The Tales of the Self-Styled Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Hajrudin Edition, Part 29: “On the list of Buggy Delivery’s deserters: the shipwright of the New Giant Warrior Pirates, Stansen.”


Off the coast of Cacao: Charlotte Oven’s fleet has just spotted the approaching Thousand Sunny, which is now hemmed in between them and Charlotte Smoothie’s fleet. As ordered by Sanji, Nami orders the crew to keep their distance and wait for Luffy to show up.

Meanwhile, Oven and his men are waiting for him and Sanji is still there in hiding.

At this moment, Pekoms is already inside the Mirror World, with Luffy and Charlotte Brûlée in tow, just outside the mirror to Cacao. As he tells the Straw Hat Captain, the Mink species possesses a very powerful fighting form called Su Long, but he never liked transforming into it himself. In this state, only Pedro was able to calm Pekoms, which is why once he steps out into the full moon, he becomes an unstoppable, raging beast. This was to be used by Luffy to escape, so Pedro’s sacrifice would not be in vain.

Before the eyes of their enemies, Pekoms and Brûlée finally leap out of the mirror, whereupon the lion mink immediately removes his sunglasses and stares into the clear full moon. Under the horrified stares of all present, his transformation begins, which Oven is determined to prevent. Therefore he gives the traitor a powerful blow, which knocks him to the ground. This also reveals the hidden Luffy. Realizing their main target, the Charlotte kids immediately rush to kill the rubber boy, but he evades them with a powerful leap into the air. There, however, Charlotte Raisin catches up with him directly, who is about to attack him with his sword, when suddenly Sanji joins in and gives the 33rd son a harsh kick. Therefore Charlotte Yuen takes over the clash, who actually manages to fling the Straw Hat and his Cook back to the ground, where the still transforming Pekoms is also held down. Now defenseless against the army, a large explosion suddenly occurs at the harbor. It is reported that an enemy fleet has appeared, which is the Germa 66! While their ships hold Big Mom’s crew at bay, Sanji’s siblings have already made their way ashore and positioned themselves around their brother and Luffy…

Oda’s comment

The One Piece anime is now streaming on Netflix (Japan). It’s been 20 years and the first episode still makes me cry.

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