One Piece Chapter 896


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Hajrudin Edition, Part 28: “On the list of Buggy Delivery’s deserters: the captain of the New Giant Warrior Pirates, Hajrudin.”


Cacao, 12:28pm: Charlotte Oven’s fleet continues to wait for Luffy in front of the island’s last mirror, ready for battle. Also present are Sanji and Pudding, who are watching the proceedings. As the Cook notes, their paths would soon part, which is why he wants to thank the 35th daughter of the Charlotte family for being her groom, even if it was all a trap. In tears, Pudding therefore asks the straw-hatted pirate for one last favor….

Mirror World, 12:37pm: As it turns out, Luffy’s and Charlotte Katakuri’s attacks hit at the same time. Therefore, at this moment, the Straw Hat Captain’s powers leave him and he sinks into a deep hole. But also Katakuri seems to be at the end and collapses…

On the high seas, 12:43 a.m.: Capone Bege and his men are still on the run from Big Mom and Prometheus, along with the new wedding cake. As the two slowly close in, they fear they won’t make it to the next island….

Aboard the Thousand Sunny, 12:45 p.m.: The Straw Hats have almost reached Cacao, but they don’t know how Luffy will make it out of the Mirror World without Charlotte Brûlée.

Back just there, 12:47 p.m.: Luffy has regained consciousness and fights his way back to the surface with the last of his strength. There, he is horrified to find that Katakuri is also back on his feet. Covered in blood, the candy commander asks him if he will one day return to defeat his mother, to which the rubber boy yells back at him that as the future king of the pirates, of course he must! Saying that that’s a pretty far look into the future, the Charlotte son suddenly falls over again and is left defeated! After covering his opponent’s face with his mob hat, Luffy finally leaves the battlefield as well. Then a figure appears in the distance, who also has Charlotte Brûlée with him: It is Pekoms, who has captured Brûlée and now wants to help Luffy escape, as he cannot simply let those for whom his friend Pedro sacrificed his life die!

Simultaneously off the coast of Cacao, 12:50 p.m.: The Sunny can already see its target by now, but Sanji orders his nakama not to get too close. As soon as Luffy appears, he plans to bring him to the ship….

12:55: The fleet has their weapons pointed at the mirror and are ready to receive Luffy….


  • The disguised Pekoms is called Nazom’s when he appears, a portmanteau of his name and the word nazo, meaning mysterious.
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