One Piece Chapter 894


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Leo Edition, Part 26: “We’ve been tasked with escorting him to the Levely!!!” Leo, Kabu, and Bian have been ordered to the Royal Palace, where they are tasked by King Riku to escort him to the Levely.


Two years ago, during Luffy’s training on Rusukaina: Rayleigh repeatedly gives the rubber boy blows while he is blindfolded so that the captain can improve his observation shaki. As he tells his protégé, some fighters can even see brief moments into the future this way. Should Luffy ever encounter such an opponent, he could be in big trouble with him.

The Mirror World in the Present: Taking advantage of this lesson, Luffy’s haki actually strengthens by the minute. As a result, he is now able to dodge Charlotte Katakuri’s punches more and more often. Still, the straw hat has to take a lot of punches even now and can’t land any decisive ones of his own in return.

Meanwhile on the high seas: Capone Bege and his gang have almost reached Liqueur, where they want to unload the cake and then escape. Chiffon, however, demands that her husband sail one more island, to Puffs, to buy the straw hats more time.

These, meanwhile, are still being pursued by Charlotte Smoothie’s fleet. For reasons undisclosed, the 14th daughter of the Charlotte family has grown to enormous…

Sanji and Pudding are also still on their way to Cacao. The Cook suspects that Luffy will encounter dozens of enemies there upon his return, so he is determined to save his captain!

In fact, by now several of Big Mom’s children have gathered on Cacao to wait for the Straw Hat Captain, with the populace not quite understanding why so many fighters are necessary for so few opponents.

Back in the mirror world, Luffy is lying on the ground, badly wounded. Nevertheless, he lets it be known that he now wants to finish the fight. To do so, he changes into his Gear 4 form: Snakeman…!

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