One Piece Chapter 893


Tales of the self-proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Leo Edition, Part 25: “We explore our new ship, the Lysoland.”


In the mirror world: Luffy has been devastatingly hit by Charlotte Katakuri’s trident, leaving him badly wounded on the ground. The second son of the Charlotte family takes advantage of this to throw more and more punches and kicks at his opponent. As he notes, he actually expected Luffy’s observation shaki to have become so powerful by now that he could have dodged his attack. However, the fact that the straw hat seemed to have completely lost his concentration was very disappointing to Katakuri. Still watching the fight is Charlotte Flampe, who at this moment sees the visibly battered Luffy struggling to his feet again. Because of this, she wants to bring the enemy down with an arrow from a blowpipe, which Luffy surprisingly anticipates and dodges. Still, he’s more than wobbly on his feet, which the 36th daughter of Charlotte Linlin finds enormously amusing. Loudly, she begins to laugh, which now draws Katakuri’s attention to her as well. Catching sight of his sister, the candy commander understands that she must have shot her arrows at his opponent before as well, and that it was only because of this that he was able to land this fatal hit. Extremely angry about this cowardly interference Katakuri suddenly pulls out his spear and rams it into his own hip. To the shocked looks of his onlookers, he makes it clear that he does not want to win in such a manner. As Flampe rushes towards him, he rips his scarf from his face and yells at his sister with his disfigured expression that she should never interfere in a fight between men! Horrified and disgusted by her brother’s true face, Flampe turns away from Katakuri, ashamed to be related to such a monster. Katakuri herself, on the other hand, turns back to Luffy and apologizes to him for not spotting the uninvited spectators sooner. In order to continue their fight in peace, both fighters unleash their King Shaki, causing Flampe to immediately faint. As Katakuri now reveals, he will no longer consider Luffy inferior to him from now on. The rubber boy is happy about this realization, but still only he will win…

Manga volumesWhole Cake Island Arc (Manga)

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