One Piece Chapter 892


The Tales of the Self-Appointed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Leo Edition, Part 24: “A Gift from Dress Rosa.” Leo’s pirate gang receives a pirate ship of their own from the people of Dress Rosa.


Totto Land, on the high seas: the ship that can be heard in the distance from the Thousand Sunny is indeed Capone Bege along with the new wedding cake. This now puts Charlotte Perospero in the dilemma of fearing that the cake is poisoned and will kill Big Mom, which would mean the end of Totto Land. However, if he destroyed the cake, the Empress would destroy her empire as well. While Pudding and Sanji hurriedly make their way to the Sunny on Rabiyan, Charlotte Linlin herself doesn’t hesitate for a second and immediately races towards the Fire Tank pirate gang’s ship. The latter therefore sets course for Liqueur to lure Linlin away, just as Sanji also arrives at his nakama. He reveals to them that Bege has promised not to poison the cake, but that he will be allowed to do as he pleases after eating it. When asked where Carrot and Pedro are, Brook thoughtfully lies that they are both inside recovering from the fighting. At the same time, Perospero orders Charlotte Bavarois’ fleet to stay with him at her mother. Charlotte Smoothie’s fleet, on the other hand, is to continue pursuing the Straw Hat Pirates. Observing this, Sanji further reveals that the enemy has learned of their rendezvous point on Cacao, where Charlotte Oven is likely already waiting for them with another fleet. According to the Cook, there is only one plan…

Meanwhile, Oven has indeed already gathered dozens of ships on the coast of Cacao and now orders all the inhabitants to destroy all their mirrors so that Luffy can escape through only one mirror, where Oven himself will be waiting for him!

Meanwhile, in the mirror world, the battle between Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri continues, and still the Straw Hat captain seems clearly outmatched. As he continues to take hit after hit, and the second son of the Charlotte family makes it clear to him once again that he has no chance of winning, Katakuri secretly thinks that his opponent’s observation shaki is getting stronger and stronger. If he doesn’t take him out soon, Luffy himself might surpass his own. Therefore, the mochi man unceremoniously grabs his spear and attacks the rubber boy with it. Luffy is able to make a timely attempt to dodge the anticipated attack by means of his haki, but is still devastatingly hit from the side…!

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