One Piece Chapter 891


Tales of the self-proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Leo Edition, Part 23: “People! We’re going to rebuild every building in this town!” Leo’s newly formed band of pirates help the craftsmen of Dress Rosa rebuild the town.


Wheat, in the middle of Big Mom’s territory: As in many other places in Totto Land, mirrors keep breaking out of nowhere on the island. This information has meanwhile been transmitted to Whole Cake Island, to Tamago and Mont d’Or, who therefore assume that the fighting is still going on. At this moment, Stussy butts into the conversation. As she tells the Charlottes, it was the Straw Hats’ gift, the Tamatebako, that caused the big explosion….

Meanwhile in the mirror world: The fight between Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri is still going on. Among others, the 36th daughter of Charlotte Linlin, Charlotte Flampe, observes this unnoticed. She is considered Katakuri’s biggest fan, which is why she can’t understand how his opponent could hold out for so long. As it turns out, Luffy has already taken a few hard hits and is now badly injured and covered in blood. Still he tries to attack Katakuri, but Katakuri sees all attacks ahead and counters them easily. So Luffy goes down again and again, although he seems to have learned to dodge at least the first attack, but Katakuri knows this in advance, too, of course. Annoyed that Luffy’s will seems unbroken, Katakuri finally hurls the rubber boy into a building. But even after that, the straw-hatted captain gets back up and screams desperately into the air. Katakuri finds this lack of opportunity very amusing, while attesting to Luffy that he must be quite frustrated. Luffy unceremoniously uses this moment to recall Rayleigh’s words. While he uses it to increase his concentration, Katakuri finally wants to eliminate him with a well-aimed and powerful attack. Suddenly, however, Luffy blocks the giant mochi fist with a gum-gum giant pistol, which horrifies Katakuri. As he suspects, Luffy seems to be able to see the future, albeit still erratically, just like himself. Once again, the second son of the Charlotte family wants to make it clear to the Straw Hat that his fight is useless. However, the latter counters that he has made a promise: To defeat Katakuri and make it out of Mirror World to Cacao on his own.

Meanwhile, on Capone Bege’s ship, Sanji, Pudding, and Chiffon: the new wedding cake has just been made and is ready to take out Big Mom! However, Pudding interjects that Sanji’s friends could be dead by now, and then it would all have been for nothing. To this, the Cook only replies that he promised to make the best cake ever to stop Linlin. Just as Luffy does at this very moment, he thinks his friends are counting on him!

Simultaneously on the high seas: Chopper has transformed into his monster form, as the Straw Hats have already almost been caught up again by Big Mom and her fleet. However, he appears completely powerless in the face of Prometheus, which has just expanded to many times the dimensions of the Thousand Sunny. While even Jinbe sees the doom coming, Nami, like Big Mom, sees something in the distance of the ocean that gives off a seductive scent…


  • In the Weekly Shōnen Jump issue, Charlotte Flampe is referred to as the 33rd daughter. On the official Twitter account, the editors tweeted a message from Oda on the release day of the Jump issue, saying that this was a mistake, however, and that Flampe is the 36th daughter of the Charlotte family.
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