One Piece Chapter 889


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Leo Edition, Part 22: “We’ve Become Pirates.” Leo and some Tontatta dwarves have formed a pirate gang.


On the high seas in the middle of Big Mom’s territory: the Thousand Sunny is still surrounded, with Carrot in her Su Long form continuing to try to clear the way. Because of this, Charlotte Daifuku now interferes in the fight, but not even the latter’s devil powers can stop the raging bunny mink. As Jinbe reports at this sight, the Su Long is the fierce and violent side of the Minks, which is destructive but very difficult to control. Should a Mink not be ready for it, it would rage all night long until it finally dies of exhaustion! That’s why Brook also decides to go to an enemy ship to support Carrot.

Meanwhile, Charlotte Perospero and Charlotte Bavarois find that Big Mom seems to be getting weaker and weaker due to her raving madness, which has now lasted for eight hours, combined with her growing hunger. Therefore, the Empress immediately calls for Zeus and Prometheus….

At the same time on the ship Capone Beges: As “Gang” has just suggested, Sanji’s cake should be poisoned to take the chance of overthrowing Big Mom. The Cook, however, loudly forbids this, saying that he has a reputation to lose as a cook and that it is his job to feed the hungry. He only wants to bring Linlin down by means of his cooking skills!

Back at Nami and Co. meanwhile, Carrot has actually managed to incapacitate so many enemy ships that a path to escape opens up. However, the bunny mink realizes that he’s getting weaker and weaker and will soon faint, which is why Brook immediately joins in and transports Carrot back to the Sunny. There, she says she just needs to stay away from the moonshine for a while to change back.

Meanwhile, Zeus and Prometheus have arrived on the scene, whereupon Linlin immediately leaps onto her living cloud. With Napoleon as her sword and Prometheus as her burning hair on her head, she races towards the Sunny, her gaze going completely insane. She has already lost weight due to her hunger, but this increases her agility, allowing her to eventually take a massive leap forward towards the Sunny. With a loud bang and screaming wildly, the Empress ultimately lands directly on the Straw Hats’ ship…!

Oda’s comment

I bought myself a Lyric Speaker. I’m not sure how it works, but it’s so cool! Happy New Year!
A Lyric Speaker is a speaker that displays song lyrics and animates themto boot.

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