One Piece Chapter 886


Color Spread: The Straw Hat Pirates and some armadillos fall down a waterfall.


On Cacao: Sanji, Pudding and Co. have just loaded the cake and now want to bring it to the harbor. Charlotte Oven approaches them, who immediately attacks Chiffon to punish her for her treachery. Seeing this, Pound immediately comes running to save his daughter. Sanji, in turn, takes advantage of this to sprint to Oven in a flash and free Chiffon from his hands. As the Cook walks away with the Charlotte daughter, Pound punches Big Mom’s fourth son in the face. Thanks to the confusion, Pudding and the others are able to continue their journey for the time being, however Pound is unable to buy them any more time as he is incapacitated within seconds. Immediately after, Oven has caught up with the carriage as well and grabs his sister again. He is interrupted by his Den-den Mushi, which tells him that the Fire Tank pirate gang is sailing just off Cacao, pursued by dozens of Charlotte Linlin’s warships. Therefore, Oven decides to use his sister as a hostage in order to force Capone Bege to surrender. The latter actually agrees to surrender for the sake of his wife’s safety, which is why Oven is waiting with Chiffon at the harbor. Suddenly Bege fires a cannon and hits Oven right in the face…

Meanwhile, on the high seas: the Thousand Sunny is still sailing unnoticed when the silhouettes of some ships appear. Carrot approaches Chopper and wonders if there will be a full moon this night….

Meanwhile, Luffy, still with Charlotte Brûlée in tow, has made his way through the Mirror World to Chips Island, where he takes a short break. His plan so far has been to wear down Charlotte Katakuri until the latter’s haki, like his, wears off, but now he remembers some of Silver Rayleigh’s words from his training days. As the Pirate King’s Vice once revealed to him, he only taught him the basics of haki back then, as it could not be trained easily. Instead, the only way one could grow the power of one’s haki was through real battles against strong, if not overpowered, opponents. Recapping this, the straw-hatted captain now wonders if, in a duel with the 1 Billion Berry Man, he might not also acquire the ability to see the future by means of observation haki in order to surpass his enemy with it…!

Manga volumesWhole Cake Island Arc (Manga)

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