One Piece Chapter 885


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Ideo Edition, Part 19: “Let’s use the shipwreckage to build a new ship while we anchor on this deserted island.” The XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance wants to use the shipwreckage to build a new ship.


In the mirror world: Luffy has picked himself up after Katakuri’s last hard hit and now attacks the candy commander again. However, the latter has regained his concentration and therefore counters with ease. Suddenly, Luffy realizes that Gear 4 is taking its toll and that at any moment he will lose the ability to use Haki for ten minutes. Therefore, he decides to flee for the time being to stall for time. As the power drains from his body, he suddenly catches sight of Charlotte Brûlée in front of one of the mirrors. Taking her completely by surprise, he jumps through the glass with her, leaving Katakuri behind. This lands the two of them on Nuts, where they are surprised to find that Big Mom is also there right now, rampaging through the city in her madness. When she discovers Luffy, the straw hat is immediately attacked by the empress as well as Charlotte Perospero and Amande, who is also present, so he flees again with Brûlée in tow.

Meanwhile, Nami and co. are on the high seas wondering why they are no longer being pursued. At the same time, the entire force of Big Moms, led by Charlotte Daifuku, Charlotte Compote and Charlotte Smoothie, has also gone to sea to secure the border of Totto Land.

Meanwhile on Cacao: Sanji has just finished his secret ingredient, an extremely sweet cream, which has already made the first tasting chef faint. Also ready for transport are Charlotte Chiffon’s cakes, as well as the chocolate glaze Charlotte puddings. Therefore, Sanji now wants to make his way to the Thousand Sunny and finish the new cake on the ship, in order to finally bring Charlotte Linlin down with his creation…

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