One Piece Chapter 884


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Ideo Edition, Part 18: “We’ve captured them, but it seems the fight is part of a 1000-year conflict between the Long-Arm and Long-Leg tribes.” The XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance has ended the fight and captured the Long-Arm and Long-Leg people, but they still continue to fight.


In the Mirror World: After Luffy’s reflexive kick to Katakuri’s chin, and thus his first hit, the Straw Hat Captain went for a Gum Gum Kong Gun, which again hits the second son of the Charlotte family hard. As he reveals on it, he realized that armor haki should actually have the effect of making even Logian users vulnerable to attack, however, despite the haki, his blows simply went through Katakuri. Therefore, the Candy Commander couldn’t be a Logian user, but must possess a special form of Paramecia Fruit, which in turn meant that neither his Devil Power nor his Armor Haki were the truly dangerous thing about him, but only his Observation Haki. With the help of Gear 4, however, Luffy now wants to surpass even this. To prove it, the rubber boy immediately executes a lightning-fast Gomu Gomu no-Rhino-Cutter, which throws Katakuri far back and makes him spit blood. The commander is able to dodge the following Gomu Gomu no Kong Organ, however, proving that he can’t dissolve into Mochi, but can only change his body shape tremendously, thus, in conjunction with his ability to see the future, dodge enemy attacks. Enraged by Luffy’s realization, Katakuri now wants to show that his opponent still can’t do anything against him, which is why he uses his technique “Peerless Donuts” to tie up the straw hat in Mochi. He then uses his “Strength Mochi” attack to create two large Mochi arms reinforced with Haki, which finally deliver a devastating blow to Luffy…

Simultaneously on Cacao: Pound has arrived on the island and is trying to get into the factory to finally see his daughter Chiffon again. While the residents prevent him from doing so, inside everyone is in a hurry to bake. In the process, moreover, Charlotte Brûlée is on a Den-den Mushi to report to Pudding that the Straw Hat Pirates will reach Cacao in nine hours to meet with their captain, but of course, in Brûlée’s opinion, he will not appear because he can never win against Katakuri. At the end of the conversation, Pudding expresses concern to Sanji, but the Cook is certain that Katakuri will meet his first defeat against Luffy. Meanwhile, back at the door, Charlotte Oven has appeared, who now wants to take on Pound…

Meanwhile on Whole Cake Island: As Charlotte Mont d’Or and Tamago have just been told, the only reason they haven’t received any reports from their sea slugs for so long is that they all seem to have disappeared from the sea. While no one on site can explain this, it is revealed that it is due to the singing of Charlotte Praline, who apparently has not left Big Mom’s waters and is now distracting all the sea slugs from their tasks….

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