One Piece Chapter 883


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Ideo Edition, Part 17: “We’ve seen you fight, so you’ll both be punished!” The XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance interferes in a fight between the Long-Arm Tribe and the Long-Leg Tribe.


Inside the Mirror World: Luffy is about to switch to Gear 4, but Charlotte Katakuri stops him by tying him up with Mochi, which now covers the entire floor. He then performs his “Mirror Mochi” technique, which results in Luffy being buried under a huge mountain of mochi, under which he is supposed to suffocate. Now sure of his victory, Katakuri summons some servants to bring him donuts and tea so he can take his daily merienda. To do this, the candy commander creates a house for himself out of mochi, as he wants to be undisturbed as always. After he goes inside, however, Luffy suddenly bursts out of the mountain of mochi, which has eaten its way through his prison. Despite the servants’ cries to never disturb Katakuri during his break, the rubber boy immediately charges at the mochi house and destroys it with a gum-gum elephant gun. Inside, to their surprise, they must all catch sight of a katakuri lying on the floor, wildly devouring his donuts. In doing so, he reveals his oversized, grotesque-looking mouth, which is also equipped with fangs. So that no one finds out about his less than elegant existence during his breaks, Katakuri unceremoniously kills his onlooking servants and then turns his attention back to Luffy. After the latter has taken a few more blows, the straw-hatted captain is suddenly able to land his first hit against Katakuri’s chin. By this very hit, he now seems to have identified the weak point in Katakuri’s seemingly invincible strength. As the second son of the Charlotte family launches his next attack, Luffy switches to Gear 4 and counters with a Gum Gum Kong Gun…!


  • Merienda in Spain refers to a small snack, a snack. The kanji in the title translate to snack time.
Manga volumesWhole Cake Island Arc (Manga)

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