One Piece Chapter 882


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Ideo Edition, Part 16: “We sail on the ship we got from Orlumbus when…” The XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance is sailing across the sea when they discover two ships ahead of them about to fight.


In the mirror world: Charlotte Katakuri has drawn his spear and now wants to destroy Luffy once and for all. Also present is Charlotte Brûlée, who reports that Katakuri is the most powerful offspring of the Charlotte family. He is always focused and has never lost a fight since his birth; he has never even been taken down before. Annoyed by this, Luffy attempts to silence the Charlotte daughter, but is grabbed by Katakuri and slammed into a wall. The candy commander then attacks the rubber boy with his “Mochi Punding” attack, which Luffy barely manages to avoid…

Meanwhile, Brûlée uses her time to contact Charlotte Perospero, as she was able to eavesdrop on his conversation with his friends, unnoticed by the Straw Hat Captain. Therefore, she now reveals to Perospero that the Straw Hats have survived and are currently on their way to Cacao. The first son of Charlotte Linlin is horrified by this failure, but for the time being has to worry about getting his mother back on track, as she is currently racing towards Nuts by mistake and with a crazy look…

Back at Luffy’s place, he is busy dodging more and more of Katakuri’s attacks. The fact that he succeeds in this, even if only with difficulty, annoys the second son of Big Mom very much, since he can actually foresee the movements of his opponent. Because of this, he unceremoniously turns the entire ground into mochi, showing that his devil power is an awakened one! Caught off guard by this, Luffy is grabbed by the mochi and therefore bites his arm. At this, when Katakuri anticipates that his opponent is going to use Gear 4, he gives an interested…

Meanwhile on Whole Cake Island: Pekoms has learned of the death of his former friend Pedro, which makes him complain loudly. At the same time, Mont d’Or wonders why none of the sea slugs report any more ship movements within the territory. All of these fortunate coincidences for the Straw Hat Pirates make Tamago doubt that they are indeed coincidences, rather than a larger plan or conspiracy. He ponders whether they might have underestimated the Straw Hats. The emerging argument with Mont d’Or is interrupted by a Den-den Mushi, over which Charlotte Custard reports that Capone Bege’s ship has set out for Cacao, but that they have lost contact with it. This is followed by a second message from Charlotte Nusstorte, who reports that the Germa 66 has been completely destroyed!

As you can see directly afterwards, it’s Niji Vinsmoke on the other side, who has defeated all opponents together with his siblings. Therefore Ichiji now sets sail without further ado to help the Straw Hats…!

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