One Piece Chapter 881


Tales of the self-proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Part 15: “Don Sai and Baby 5’s Wedding.”
Happo Navy celebrates the wedding of Sai and Baby 5.


On the high seas, somewhere in Totto Land: Nami and Co. stare in horror at the huge, living wave that Big Mom is steering directly towards the Thousand Sunny. While the Straw Hats see themselves doomed, Jinbe suddenly grabs the sail and steers the Sunny directly towards the monster wave. When it finally breaks, the Fish Man’s plan is revealed to the crew: With strength and calm, the “Knight of the Sea” has maneuvered the ship into the space in the middle of the wave and is now “surfing” through it!

Unknowingly, Perospero tells Katakuri about the destruction of the Straw Hat Pirates, but Charlotte Brûlée has to realize shortly after that the inside of her mirror does not look like the bottom of the sea. At that moment, all the mirrors shatter to the Sunny, while Chopper makes contact with Luffy. He reveals to his captain that they have been saved for now, but that he himself is stuck in the mirror world. The Straw Hat is about to reassure his comrades-in-arms when Katakuri catches his eye and delivers the next devastating kick. Luffy, however, stifles any sound and continues to pretend to be victorious to his nakama. Nami tells him to find a mirror to Cacao so they can all meet there again, including Sanji, whereupon the Sunny sets sail.

In the mirror world, on the other hand, the two opponents now face each other one on one again. Katakuri sees that Luffy wants to say that he doesn’t intend to die here, which he advises his enemy not to do. However, the rubber boy still forcefully throws out to his opponent that he has no intention of dying here…!

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