One Piece Chapter 880


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Part 14: “And I thought I’d let him be my 26th husband…!”
Uholisia is furious that Sai broke off her engagement while she is being waited on by the rest of her husbands.


Totto Land, Cacao Island: Sanji, Chiffon and Pudding have just arrived, the former hiding in Rabiyan and the latter pretending her sister is her prisoner. To their aid, the 31 chefs of the archipelago have already been summoned, who are now waiting outside the island’s candy factory. Pudding orders all present not to enter and also to prevent anyone else from disturbing them. The cooks, in turn, are told to enter one at a time. This is used by the 35th daughter of the Charlotte family to alter the memories of them all. Now that they believe the wedding has taken place and the cake has been ruined by bad weather, Sanji reveals himself and reveals that he has already outlined a plan. He says that the cake will take two hours and forty minutes, plus twenty more minutes to cool. So in three hours, he plans to meet with the Thousand Sunny and only add his secret ingredient at the very end, which will make Charlotte Linlin swoon!

At the same time in the mirror world: While Katakuri talks to Perospero and plans the further action of the troops against the Straw Hats, Luffy lies exhausted on the ground. Eventually, Katakuri wakes up his sister Brûlée, who is supposed to make sure another mirror is found to the ship. When this finally happens, Luffy gets back into the action and tries to destroy the new mirror as well, but is hit hard by Katakuri again in the attempt. Dodging the candy commander’s further attacks that follow, the Straw Hat captain grabs a piece of the broken mirror to connect with Nami.

She is just trying to maneuver the Sunny out of the fire of Big Mom’s pirate gang when Luffy orders her to destroy all other mirrors on site. Before the navigator can pass on this order, however, she is shocked to see a gigantic wave in front of her, brought to life by Big Mom. In despair, she radios to her captain that they are probably finished…

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