One Piece Chapter 878


Color Spread: The Straw Hat Pirates and some cats try to cool off during the hot weather.


Five years ago on Whole Cake Island: After Zepo was killed by Big Mom, Pedro has his eye ripped out so Big Mom will let him live. In fact, she only takes 50 years off his life, so the Jaguar Mink has a short time to live. He is then escorted out of the Empress’ territory by Charlotte Perospero, with the first son of the Charlotte family asking the intruder why he named his gang the Nox Pirates. Pedro then reveals that he once met Gold Roger as a young boy and begged to be allowed to accompany him as well. But the future king of pirates put him off by saying that his golden hour was yet to come. So he named his gang after the night: the night before the dawn, which would come as soon as the world became a better place.

Back in the present, the smoke from Pedro’s explosion slowly clears, and sure enough, Perospero’s candy gradually melts away. Because of this, the Straw Hats want to take the chance they’ve been given to escape, with Nami holding back the desperate Carrot. Of course, Charlotte Katakuri, who is still on the ship, wants to prevent his enemies from escaping, which is why Carrot attacks him in a rage, but doesn’t stand a chance. Therefore Luffy seizes the situation and grabs the second son of Big Mom by means of a Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun. At this point, all the ships of the enemy fleet open fire and Linlin himself also goes into the water to hold the Thousand Sunny. At that moment Nami catches sight of a silhouette on land, though to her horror it is not Pedro but Perospero, who has lost only one arm in the attack. With his second hand, Luffy suddenly grabs Charlotte Brûlée, who is on the edge of Nami’s mirror. He promises his Nakama that he will return to them, but that they have to flee for the time being. At that moment, the Coup de Bust launches, dealing a heavy blow to Charlotte Linlin and allowing Sunny to successfully escape towards the sky.

Luffy, however, has disappeared, having catapulted himself and Katakuri into the mirror world. Facing his opponent, the Straw Hat Captain destroys the mirror to the ship so they can fight undisturbed in this world…!

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