One Piece Chapter 877


Tales of the self-proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Part 12:
“Fiancée Uholisia: ‘Hey, I set a date for our wedding.’ Sai: ‘I have something important to tell you, Uholisia.”
Sai has arrived in Kano Country with Baby 5 and the rest of his fleet, and now meets his fiancée Uholisia.


On the deck of the Thousand Sunny, just off the coast of Whole Cake Island: Since Chopper and Brook have taken out one soldier after another from Big Mom’s army, Charlotte Perospero has finally taken over the fight. In the process, he was able to overpower both of his opponents within a very short period of time and is now in the process of coating their entire bodies in candy, thus turning them into sweets. According to his own statement, the two will be dead within three minutes after completion.

At that moment, Charlotte Linlin’s scream rings out from the forest as Charlotte Katakuri suddenly sends all the men back to the mirror world. Along with the Empress, Luffy and co. also rush out of the forest, the second son of the Charlotte family having predicted that all of Luffy’s soldiers would be taken out. Without further ado, Perospero uses his Candy Maiden attack, which Luffy immediately returns with a Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk. His punch actually breaks through Perospero’s technique with ease and rushes straight at Katakuri, who is able to counter with lightning speed. While Luffy continues to engage his opponents with a Gomu Gomu no Hawk Gatling, the others want to prepare for escape, which is why Nami and Jinbe try to perform the Coup de Bust. They quickly realize, however, that Perospero has incapacitated them using his devil powers, and on top of that, they are surrounded by enemies on all sides.

When the situation seems hopeless, Pedro suddenly attacks the first son of the Charlotte family. At this, Carrot remembers how he approached her a few seconds earlier and explained that the Straw Hats were most likely the liberators of the world that the Minks and the Kozuki clan had been waiting for so long, and that it was therefore imperative that they survive. Furthermore, he had assumed from the beginning that this would be his last journey. Perospero is able to dodge Pedro’s attack without any problems, but right after that the Jaguar Mink reveals several bombs under his cloak, which he claims were meant to put an end to Perospero’s powers. Shocked, Luffy and company are forced to watch as a massive explosion occurs on land…

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