One Piece Chapter 876


Tales of the Self-Styled Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Part 11: “Sai, leader of the Happou Navy, is on his way home.” The Happou Navy fleet sails toward Kano Country.


Whole Cake Island, Wondrous Forest: Luffy and co. are standing in front of a large hole created by Nami’s “Zeus Breeze Tempo”, which directly hit Charlotte Linlin. As Jinbe immediately suspects, however, the Empress is far from defeated by this, and in fact she immediately bursts out of the ground, unharmed and screaming in rage. The Straw Hats therefore hastily continue their escape, always pursued by the maddened Big Mom, when suddenly Pudding and Chiffon appear above them. The former wants to tell her fiancé about her plan to stop Mom, but her good side keeps alternating with her evil side. Therefore, Chiffon finally speaks up and reveals to Sanji that she plans to bake a cake with his help, which will satisfy Linlin as well as the wedding cake and thus calm him down for the time being. The resulting delay would allow the Straw Hats to ultimately escape. The Cook agrees and unceremoniously jumps on Rabiyan to fly to Cacao with the two daughters of the Charlotte family. Luffy and the others, meanwhile, run on to meet up later on the open sea with the help of the Thousand Sunny. Moreover, due to Pudding’s following technique, “Memories Fil: Flashback”, the homies of the forest are confused enough that the squad can now continue on their way undisturbed. And indeed, shortly after, they finally spot the coast…

On their flight, the three bakers cross the Thousand Sunny a little later, where Sanji discovers Chopper and Brook, who are fighting Big Mom’s army. They outnumber the Chess Soldiers, but more and more of them storm the ship through Nami’s mirror from Charlotte Brûlée’s mirror world. Charlotte Katakuri as well as Charlotte Perospero are just looking at the two brave fighters confidently so far. Despite the danger for the Sunny and his Nakama, however, Sanji wants to continue on his way and trust in the abilities of his two comrades-in-arms. His task now, he says, is instead to create a pie that will blow Big Mom’s mind….

Manga volumesWhole Cake Island Arc (Manga)

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