One Piece Chapter 875


Tales of the self-proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Part 10: “A Yonkou!? Doesn’t matter…!”
The residents watch in shock as Bartolomeo and Gambia burn the flag of the red-hat pirate gang.


On the west coast of Whole Cake Islands: Brook and Chopper have almost reached the Thousand Sunny with the Shark Submerge 3. While there, they see a water sprite underwater whose actions they can’t quite place.

Meanwhile, Luffy and company continue to flee from Charlotte Linlin and her homies. Without the help of King BOhm, who was taken out by Big Mom, they now have to fight their way through the Wondrous Forest themselves, as the Empress’ presence has caused her Vivre Card to lose its effect. Nami keeps feeding Zeus her Weather Eggs as she does so, causing him to grow bigger and bigger. Then Prometheus catches up with the group and wants to get Zeus back, which is why Luffy attacks him with a Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling. However, when this has no effect, Jinbe unceremoniously takes over and briefly stops the living sun with his technique “Yarinami: Murasame”. As he continues, Luffy’s attacks have no effect, as Prometheus is simply living fire. As the fighting continues, Zeus ends up eating so many Weather Eggs that he grows to a gigantic size. This gives Nami the idea to bring the living cloud under her control, whereupon she unleashes a powerful lightning bolt on Big Mom!

The following huge explosion could also be seen by Charlotte Katakuri and Charlotte Perospero, who are now together on the Sunny. Exactly at this moment Chopper and Brook reach their destination. Seeing their occupied ship in front of them, they decide to get ready for battle to recapture the Sunny…!

At the same time, Pudding and Chiffon are on Rabiyan over the forest. While the latter reveals to her sister that she really wants to thank the Straw Hats for saving Lola with her help, the 35th daughter of the Charlotte family discovers Sanji on the ground. After calling out to him in love at first, her facial expression changes back to her diabolical look right after…

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