One Piece Chapter 872


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates in Raid Suits.


Flashback to the time when the Straw Hat Pirates was on Fish Man Island: the minister on the right asks Neptune not to give the Tamatebako to the Straw Hats, who are to receive all the treasures of the kingdom in thanks. The king, however, reveals that he has already done so, only now learning that there is a bomb in the sacred chest. Before they can even reverse the gift, however, Luffy has already left everything to Big Mom to appease…!

Back in the present on Whole Cake Island: the powerful explosion of the Tamatebako has left the entire castle of Charlotte Linlin unstable. As all the floors gradually collapse, the entire castle tilts to one side, threatening to bury the capital city beneath it. Taking advantage of the confusion, the Vinsmokes grab Luffy and Sanji and fly off the roof, whereas the Charlottes panic and some even fall to their deaths. Watching this gleefully, Capone Bege and Caesar Clown also seize the moment and successfully continue their escape. Before the castle can destroy half the island, however, Streusen uses his devilish powers and changes the state of the building. He turns it into a castle made of whipped cream, whereupon it falls to the ground without causing any damage.

After the alliance of purpose is halfway through, they plan to part ways again, each making their own escape from Big Mom’s territory. To do this, Crown gets his heart back and Bege sets off on his “Castle Tank”. As Vito spies earlier, all members of Big Mom’s pirate gang have survived thanks to Streusen’s intervention.

In order to begin the one-day journey to the border of Linlin’s territory as quickly as possible, the Straw Hats now want to split up again, with Brook and Chopper going to get the Shark Submerge and then join the Sunny.

At the same time, the Minister Big Moms are in the process of setting up two squads to recapture the two fleeing gangs. When Charlotte Smoothie turns to her mother for advice, she discovers that the Empress has gone mad and seems to have lost her mind because of the ruined cake, the broken wedding and the devastation of her island…

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