One Piece Chapter 869


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Part 6: “We are the Barto Club and we are wreaking havoc!” The Barto Club loudly moors its ship on an island.


On the roof of Big Mom’s castle: Capone Bege has turned into a mighty fortress, where Luffy and Co. immediately seek refuge. However, Charlotte Katakuri manages to free his sister Brûlée from the attackers, so that the Straw Hats lose their ability to escape.

At the same time you find Feld the Tamatebako, which he immediately wants to open to learn its secret.

While the alliance takes cover, Nami, Chopper and Carrot can’t leave their location because they are attacked by Smoothie, Daifuku and Oven. That’s when the Vinsmokes decide to get in on the action as well, so they unceremoniously don their battle suits. Their surprise counterattack actually manages to free the Straw Hats, after which everyone rushes towards the fortress as well.

Meanwhile, Du Feld continues to tamper with the Tamatebako when a blast wave from Big Mom’s tantrum hits him and knocks the chest off the roof!

Arriving at Capone Bege, he begins firing at the still wounded Charlotte Linlin, however his bullets are intercepted by Perospero. At the same time, Katakuri clogs all other cannons with his mochi, leaving Bege’s troops immobilized and unable to fight, thus facing a complete siege of the Charlotte family. Inside, Bege reveals to his alliance partners the hopeless situation that if his fortress is destroyed, he must die, after which everyone else would be at the mercy of the Big Mom pirate gang monsters. That’s when “Gang” suddenly collapses, as outside Big Mom has overcome her stupor of shock and lunges at the fortress. After a violent blow, Bege’s face begins to bleed….

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