One Piece Chapter 868


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Part 5: “Those aren’t enemy ships, so we don’t have to fire on them, Suleiman.” “That explanation was far too long.” Cavendish explains to Suleiman that the two ships they are pursuing are fans from earlier. Suleiman says that Cavendish could have said this right away without telling his life story.


63 years ago in front of the children’s home Carmels: Charlotte Linlin is crying because all her friends have suddenly disappeared. As it now turns out, there happened to be a giant present at the time, who had to watch from afar what had happened. Horrified, he fled back to Elbaf, where he told his story. Since then, the giants no longer even speak Linlin’s name. Also observing the event was young Streusen, who at the time lived on the island where Carmel had sought shelter with her children. As it turns out, he possesses the abilities of the Cooking Fruit, which allows him to transform any object into food. Unlike the giants, however, Streusen saw Charlotte Linlin as an opportunity for powerful cooperation, which is why he immediately went to comfort the girl. Not long after, Linlin discovered that she possessed the same abilities as her foster mother. Eventually, the two friends decided to make the island a paradise of equality and peaceful coexistence, as seemingly exemplified by Carmel.

Back in the present, Capone Bege, Vito and Gotti have just fired their rocket launchers. However, memories of Carmel and her grief at the time cause Big Mom to scream louder and louder, until the pressure of her emanating Haki becomes so powerful that the projectiles explode prematurely. Shocked by this, the Alliance wants to flee for now, which is why Caesar Clown begins his appearance, holding the escape mirror at the ready. However, this too simply shatters in the face of Linlin’s enormous energy. Now unable to escape from the roof of the castle, Luffy and co. must accept that their plan has failed! Therefore, Big Mom’s children now want to counterattack, though Bege sees no chance of success. Therefore, he applies his technique Rook in full size: “Big Father”, turning himself into a fortress…

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