One Piece Chapter 867


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Part 4: “Cavendish, expelled from his own country for the crime of being too popular, has only 74 underlings and 500 million berries.”


63 years ago on Elbaf: Jorul is about to attack the frenzied Charlotte Linlin with his sword to destroy the “demon”, but the five-year-old simply blocks the blow with one hand and grabs the giant by his beard. She then violently flings him to the ground, shocking everyone present. While some giants fetch the remaining Semla to calm Linlin down, Carmel also intervenes in the action. As she reveals, she possesses the powers of the Soul Fruit, which she now uses to turn the surrounding fires into a large flame homie named Pandora and subsequently cause them to go out. After Linlin finally gets something to eat, she immediately falls asleep. As it turns out at that moment, Jorul was killed by her attack, which brings tears to Jarul’s eyes. Enraged, he wants to kill the sleeping Linlin, but once again Carmel intervenes. She begs the giant warrior to spare her life, she herself will leave Elbaf immediately with all her children.

Jarul agrees to the deal, which causes Carmel to rebuild her orphanage on another island. Some time passes and the children return to their normal, happy lives.

One day, however, Carmel has a meeting with some representatives of the Cipher Pol. As it turns out, she is in fact a slave trader who has been selling orphans around the world for 50 years, including some to the world government. For example, 37 years ago she brought the young John Giant to the government, who has since rapidly risen in rank. Charlotte Linlin is now to be her biggest and last deal, as she could one day be an admiral.

Back with her kids, Carmel plays her mother role again. It’s Linlin’s birthday, so she gets a big mountain of Semla. Wildly, she immediately begins to devour it and goes into a feeding frenzy. When she stops, she sees that she herself has eaten the table and surrounding trees. Moreover, everyone else present has suddenly disappeared, with only Carmel’s robe still on the ground….

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