One Piece Chapter 866


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Part 3: “Cavendish, the prince of the kingdom of Bourgeois, is so popular that not a single woman has married yet.”
Cavendish is adored by a crowd of women from a castle balcony.


63 years ago on the island of Elbaf: Charlotte Linlin’s parents have taken their five-year-old daughter to the island of giants to abandon her, as she is already several times the size of an adult human and they feel overwhelmed by her enormous strength. By promising her candy, they manage to get Linlin to stay behind to wait for her parents to return, but they never show up.

100 Years Ago: After the infamous Giant Warrior pirate gang loses both of their captains in unexplained ways, some of the members end up in the captivity of the Navy, which wants them executed. As this is about to happen, however, a young sister named Carmel appears on the scene and asks that the pirates be spared, otherwise the mighty giants would go to war for revenge! She herself wants to travel to Elbaf instead, to make sure that the giants there can live together with all peoples of the world in the future. A little later, she founds a children’s home in which all outcast children of different species can find refuge and live together.

When this children’s home already exists for several decades, Charlotte Linlin also ends up there and is immediately taken in by the “Holy Mother” Carmel. Linlin feels very comfortable on Elbaf, since everything there finally has the right dimensions for her height, but she always accidentally hurts people and animals, because she shows an extreme innocent-child naivety despite her enormous physical strength. Through the encouragement of Carmel, she is nevertheless accepted by the residents.

Ten months later, several giants, including Oimo, Kashii, the still-young Hajrudin, and the two former captains of the giant warrior pirate band Jarul and Jorul tell her of their traditional winter solstice celebrations. These involve all the inhabitants eating large quantities of a sweet called Semla, and then fasting for twelve days. Linlin also takes up this challenge, however on the seventh day she gets one of her raging binges, destroying an entire village in the process. Enraged by this, Jorul calls the girl a demon and unceremoniously draws his sword to kill the mischief-maker…!

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