One Piece Chapter 865


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Part 2: “I think you already know, but in the past…”
Cavendish thinks back to his childhood, while Suleiman leans against the railing and Farul takes a drink from his cup.


On the roof of Big Mom’s castle: Caesar Clown is on the move, trying to get there in time with the escape mirror. Arriving, he watches the action and everything seems to be going according to plan, however Charlotte Linlin’s outcry still fails to materialize.

Therefore, Luffy has grabbed the broken picture of Carmel to hold it before the Empress again, which Charlotte Katakuri tries to prevent him from doing. Despite the intervention of Capone Bege, Pedro, and Jinbe, the second son of the Charlotte family gets a hold of Luffy even using his devil powers, however the Straw Hat Captain is able to use his rubber arms to continue the plan anyway. When Linlin sees the destroyed photo, she falls to her knees in tears, which is followed by a huge scream that activates her King Shaki. This cannot be withstood by most of those present, including even some of her own children. This causes even those who had their pistols pointed at the Vinsmokes to faint.

Sanji, in turn, wants to take advantage of this fact, so he immediately sets off in the direction of his family.

Gotti and Vito also recognize the favor, which is why they appear with their missile launchers from Bege’s body. In fact, the tantrum seems to weaken Big Mom, as her legs have begun to bleed after the knee.

At that moment, Sanji appears at the Vinsmokes’ table, with Chopper, Nami, and Carrot next to him.

As Bege, Vito and Gotti get ready to shoot, Big Mom remembers her past with Carmel: This one goes back 63 years and started on the Island of Giants, Elbaf…!

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