One Piece Chapter 864


23rd Cover Story: The Tales of the Self-Appointed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Part 1: The Beautiful Pirates. The ship of the Beautiful Pirates is sailing on the sea and has raised the flag of the Straw Hat Pirates.


On the roof of Big Mom’s castle: The Empress is about to attack Luffy and Jinbe when she notices that Brook has destroyed the photo of Carmel. Shocked, everyone waits for Big Mom’s rampage and thus the beginning of the alliance’s plan, when suddenly a shot is fired. This one came from Pudding, who seems to have changed her mind again and is now trying to murder Sanji again. The latter is still trying to convince his fiancée of the good in her when an explosion occurs, from which the Cook has to save the 35th daughter of the Charlotte family. This explosion had caused Charlotte Daifuku, who wants to take over Pudding’s mission. To do so, he uses the powers of the lamp fruit he once ate from and opens battle against Sanji. At the same time, Charlotte Oven also gets involved in the action, facing Pedro for a duel. In the process, his devilish powers of the heat fruit are revealed. In all this confusion, the Charlotte family’s plan now begins as several of Charlotte Linlin’s children turn their guns on the Vinsmokes. However, due to their lack of emotions, the sons of Vinsmoke judges remain completely unaffected by their approaching death, whereas the head of the family himself, to the surprise of everyone present, bursts into tears in fear. He demands an explanation from Big Mom, however, she is completely frozen due to the many events of the last few seconds. As her tantrum and accompanying weakness fail to materialize, Capone Bege wants Luffy to show the Empress the broken picture once more. At that moment, Charlotte Katakuri approaches the traitors, having seemingly seen a terrible future. While Sanji watches them run out of time as they only have one shot, however dozens of guns are already pointed at his family, Luffy grabs the broken picture as requested. Despite the near hopelessness of the situation, Bege suddenly begins to smile….

Manga volumesWhole Cake Island Arc (Manga)

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