One Piece Chapter 862


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Inside Capone Bege: Jinbe is trying to wake Luffy up, as Sanji’s wedding has just started, but he seems unreachable after his recent exertions.

At the same time, Sanji and Charlotte Pudding are brought to the top of the giant wedding cake where their ceremony is to take place. While all the guests are quite entranced by the appearance of Charlotte’s daughter, the Vinsmokes also take their seats. Upon doing so, Reiju realizes that they are sitting directly between several of Charlotte Linlin’s children, who they are most likely to murder. Unsure of whether Luffy actually has a trustworthy plan, she therefore prepares to die.

At that moment, Father begins his speech. Luffy has also finally awakened and tries to get to his post as quickly as possible so that their plan can proceed. Then Charlotte Katakuri suddenly glimpses in the near future that Pudding is going to go down crying. Meanwhile, Sanji lifts his fiancée’s veil and catches sight of her third eye, which the Cook can now only describe as beautiful upon closer inspection, however. This seems to shock Pudding, which is why she breaks down crying. As she tells it, from birth everyone saw her as a three-eyed monster, even her own mother had found the sight of her so creepy that she had to hide her third eye under her hair. This, in turn, caused her to develop her sadistic personality as a little girl. Surprised by the developments, Big Mom wants Father to fire the decisive shot instead of her daughter, however Katakuri can see that Sanji will dodge it. That’s why he prefers to fire himself, but the cook also escapes this attack at the last second. Furthermore, Katakuri seems to foresee what is about to happen, but he sees no way to prevent it. So Sanji’s comrades-in-arms reach the place of their appearance just in time and suddenly dozens of Luffys jump out of the wedding cake, thus destroying it! Big Mom has to watch in horror…

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