One Piece Chapter 861


Nekomamushi relaxes on a Kotatsu and is surrounded by many little kittens.


On the roof of Big Mom’s castle: all the guests are at the party by now, only Capone Bege is still at the door with his gang. Vito in particular is very intimidated by the monstrous fighters they are about to make an enemy of, including the commanders, Charlotte Linlin’s first son Charlotte Perospero, her first daughter Charlotte Compote, and her number three and four sons Charlotte Daifuku and Charlotte Oven. At that moment, an underling brings the ominous picture of Carmel to the table, which the Alliance plans to use to weaken Big Mom. Already the demand of a guest about the connection between Linlin and Carmel makes the empress activate her king shaki, however she can be quickly appeased, looking at the many gifts that were brought to her. On this occasion, Big Mom also presents the Tamatebako, which she plans to open at the end of the ceremony.

Back at Capone Bege is informed that all entrances are now locked and all data transmissions are blocked. Therefore Bege frees Caesar Clown, who was hidden in his body together with the escape mirror. There are also Luffy, Jinbe and the others, but except for the fish-man all of them have already fallen asleep from exhaustion. Now Capone is the last to enter the party, which means there’s no turning back!

Meanwhile, Sanji and Charlotte Pudding wait on the ninth floor for her signal to enter, the Cook struggling with being obsessed with Pudding but at the same time knowing what she is planning. On the roof at that moment, the main event of the celebration is proclaimed and the couple enters to applause. At this, Capone mentions Sanji’s convincing acting….

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