One Piece Chapter 860


Front page request: Crocodile protects a small shivering puppy from the rain with an umbrella.


On the East Coast Whole Cake Islands: Pekoms is beside himself as the Sun Pirates is about to leave, leaving him behind to leave Big Mom’s territory, which is strictly forbidden. However, as Aladine tells the Lion Mink, this is based on Jinbe’s plan, which assumes that the upcoming tea party will keep all of Charlotte Linlin’s ships and men busy, thus allowing his crew to escape unnoticed. Jinbe himself, however, will stay to support his future captain Monkey D. Luffy. This, of course, means betraying the Empress, which is why Aladine is worried he won’t see his old friend alive again….

Meanwhile, downtown, the Vinsmokes have just arrived at the party, and the rest of the invited guests are being driven up as well, including black marketeers, industrialists, and the president of the WWZ. The arrivals are finally received by Charlotte Perospero, who immediately creates an escalator made of sweets to transport the guests to the roof, where the ceremony is to take place. There, at the same time, the organ dealer Jigra demands entry, but he does not want to submit to a search on the part of Capone Bege. Suddenly a shot rings out and strikes down the underworld trader. Responsible for this is the second son of the Charlotte family and one of the candy commanders, Charlotte Katakuri, whose bounty is 1.057 billion berries! The sight of the Charlotte son makes even Bege sweat, as Katakuri, Capone revealed in his mind, possessed an observation shaki so powerful that he could see a few moments into the future. This, in turn, had made him realize that Jigra was plotting to assassinate Big Mom, as she once murdered Jigra’s father. Finally, Charlotte Linlin herself appears on the scene and welcomes her guests. The tea party begins…

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