One Piece Chapter 859


Front Side Request: Usopp throws snakes at Brook and plays ring toss with him.


Whole Cake Island, in the Fire Tank pirate gang’s quarters: Before the discussion of the plan to overthrow Charlotte Linlin can begin, Sanji throws in that he can’t imagine they could even put a scratch on Big Mom with ordinary means, especially at a moment when all her powerful underlings are present. Capone Bege confirms this; according to him, ordinary weapons cannot harm Big Mom’s body. The solution to this is Caesar Clown, who at this moment presents three rocket launchers containing an absolutely lethal poison. However, this can only work if Linlin is hit in a moment of physical weakness and Bege is given a few minutes to fire in peace. To this end, “Gang” reports that since joining her, he has only seen Big Mom bleed once. He reveals that at Linlin’s parties, the seat directly across from her is always reserved for a photo of an ominous person named Carmel, who even her kids don’t know the details about. This was dropped once, which let Big Mom fall into an indescribable fit of rage. She screamed so much that even her king shaki activated and scratched herself so violently that she began to bleed. Therefore, they would have to induce this condition so that the empress would be weakened and thus vulnerable to attack. Luffy’s task in this plan shall be to keep at bay the countless enemies who will try to stop Bege. Should they succeed, Crown will eventually appear on the scene, along with Charlotte Brûlée and a mirror that will allow them to escape to the safe mirror world. Afterwards, they will all escape from Big Mom’s territory on their own. There are now two and a half hours until the ceremony…

Meanwhile, back at the castle, both the Vinsmokes and Big Mom have awakened, the latter loudly mourning the seemingly dead Brook. This mourning fades quite quickly, however, as it occurs to the Empress that the day of her tea party has finally arrived. At this moment, Charlotte Pudding has already finished dressing, but is still sitting pensively in her room with Nitro and Rabiyan. As she tells her two friends, she’s not sure if she can carry her mother’s burden or should instead overwrite some people’s memories to end it all….

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