One Piece Chapter 858


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates in American Football.


In Big Mom’s castle: With only a few hours left until the wedding, the final preparations are being made on the cake.

Meanwhile, the Fishmen pirate gang, along with the badly wounded Pekoms, are on the east coast of Whole Cake Island, waiting for word from their captain. The Lion Mink believes that Jinbe is trying to warn Big Mom about Capone Bege’s assassination attempt, but he doesn’t quite trust it and wants to leave again and again to help his captain, but his wounds prevent him from doing so.

At this moment the Straw Hats and their companions reach the hideout of the Fire Tank pirate gang in the northwest of the island, where they are already expected by Vito. But he sends them to the washrooms first, because Bege won’t talk to dirty guests.

In the women’s bathroom, Nami, Carrot and Charlotte Chiffon talk about Lola, the latter’s twin sister. She remembers the boundless anger of her mother, because Lola once ran away from a very special wedding. At that time, the prince of the giant kingdom of Elbaf himself had asked for her hand in marriage, which would have ended Charlotte Linlin’s feud with the people of the giants, as well as given her access to the army of the strongest country in the world, as she calls it. This caused relations to deteriorate even further, which is also the reason why there are no giants living in Totto Land. Likewise, this is the reason for Linlin’s collaboration with Caesar Clown, who would artificially create giants for her. Linlin’s hatred for Lola is also directed at the look-alike Chiffon, who was repeatedly beaten up by her mother. Since she is married to Bege, she therefore only sees him as her family and thus does not act against his plans to kill Big Mom. Lola, on the other hand, is a very guileless person and probably has no idea that she is considered a criminal in her home country.

After Luffy and Brook are ready, the meeting with Capone and his gang begins. Capone reveals that he would rather get rid of the Straw Hats directly, but that he has to rely on Sanji, because without him there would be no ceremony. Before Luffy can comment on the proposed temporary alliance, he spots Caesar Clown in the round, which makes him very angry. As the scientist reports, his heart has been entrusted to Bege, who has since been blackmailing him with it in order to harness the gas man’s abilities. As the situation threatens to escalate, Jinbe speaks up and reminds the parties that for now, Big Mom is the common enemy before they can kill each other. When asked by Luffy, Capone Bege says he’s already come up with a plan….

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