One Piece Chapter 857


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Whole Cake Island, at Luffy and Sanji’s meeting place: Luffy has just brought Sanji up to speed when he suddenly hears Chopper’s voice. The latter speaks to his nakama through a mirror shard from Luffy and Sanji’s fight and tells them that everyone has been saved and that they even have the copies of the Poneglyph. Luffy is of course delighted by this news, but at the same time reveals to his comrades-in-arms that he had decided to save Sanji’s family first before the Cook returned to the Straw Hat Pirates. To Sanji’s surprise, everyone reacts overjoyed when they hear that Luffy was able to talk some sense into Sanji. However, that’s when Jinbe takes the floor, saying that he unfortunately has to change the subject. As he reports, disrupting the ceremony would incur the unbridled wrath of Charlotte Linlin and her gang, though the ministers are just the tip of the iceberg. Thus, Big Mom had some fearsome fighters under her banner, not to mention all the underworld bigwigs working for her. Thus, only eight of them would hardly stand a chance. Therefore, Jinbe now turns the topic to Capone Bege, who is also on the island with his crew. The pirate captain comes from the Westblue and is the boss of one of five big mafia families that rule this sea. As the Whale Shark Fishman had heard, Bege was absolutely ruthless and cold-blooded, and loved to torture his enemies and watch them die laughing. Over the years, he had made it his mission to kill bigger and bigger names in order to become more famous himself. After arriving in the New World, he had joined Big Mom directly and had quickly risen to become a full and valued member of the gang, which was why he had been entrusted with overseeing security for the upcoming ceremony. He added that Bege now wanted to use this advantage to kill Big Mom during the wedding! As Jinbe further announces, he got this information from Pekoms, who was hired by Capone to join him after his return, but turned down the offer. Because of this, he was shot again by Bege and thrown into the sea, where Jinbe’s men rescued him. Luffy is extremely angry at “Gang”, however Jinbe immediately puts the brakes on him as he wasn’t looking to get revenge on Capone. Instead, he suggests Luffy take advantage of the enemy’s commonality and form a temporary alliance with the Fire Tank pirate gang! Though everyone else is against it, Luffy is immediately convinced by the idea, to which Jinbe reveals that he sensed this reaction and so had already arranged a meeting.

Meanwhile, the Fire Tank pirates are waiting for just that in their quarters, where it is brought up that it was they who shot Bobbin to keep him out of their way. Apparently Bege also thinks it’s pointless to create a second strong enemy with the Straw Hats, which is why he would agree to an alliance. However, if he doesn’t like Luffy’s attitude, he assures his men to kill him directly…

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