One Piece Chapter 856


Front page request: Franky built a robot for a crab that is being harassed by a monkey.


In the mirror world of Charlotte Brûlées: Of the Nakama who have traveled to Whole Cake, only Luffy and Sanji remain to be rescued, but none of the mirrors can locate them. That’s when Nami remembers Luffy’s promise to Sanji, which is why she suspects they’re in that place. At the same time, Jinbe interjects that even if they do find Sanji, it might be difficult to get him to leave, since the planned wedding is a trap. This, he says, is so important to Big Mom that even her own subordinate, Pekoms, has fallen victim to it. As Pedro continues to reveal, his former friend barely survived…

Meanwhile, downtown: Bobbin, apparently badly wounded, drags himself through the alleys and finally collapses. As he does so, some nearby citizens are talking about shots they have heard….

At the same time, the Vinsmoke family gets drunk in their chambers to toast the imminent recapture of the Northblue. By Charlotte Mont d’Or’s secret order, the prisoners are not supposed to leave their rooms until the ceremony.

Meanwhile at Luffy and Sanji’s: The Cook hands over the food basket to his captain, who indeed quickly regains his strength. Sanji, however, is rather ashamed of the mashed and soaked food, though Luffy says it tastes just fine. The cook thinks the straw hat is a liar, yet the rubber boy continues to urge him to return to him. Then Sanji begins to report that his friends from the Baratié are hostages of the Charlotte family, whereupon he suddenly gets a violent punch in the face from Luffy. Luffy yells at him that he is the liar and should finally tell the truth, to which Sanji tearfully replies that he wants to return to the Sunny. Nevertheless, he can’t bring himself to leave his relatives to die just like that. With a grin on his face, Luffy offers to storm the wedding together…

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