One Piece Chapter 855


Front page request: Law is worried about Corazón. The latter has caught fire after igniting leaves to make baked potatoes.


Whole Cake Island, Charlotte Linlin’s Castle: Bobbin has recovered from Sanji’s hit, and wants to immediately go on the run to take care of the new problems.

Simultaneously in Charlotte Brûlée’s Mirror World: Nami, Chopper, Carrot, Pedro and Jinbe have actually found a mirror to Big Mom’s room, where she is sleeping, with Zeus, Prometheus and Napoleon present. Brook is still holding her as she does so, making it difficult for the Straw Hats to rescue her nakama. Then Brûlée suddenly starts screaming to wake up her mother, but she only recognizes a fly on the mirror, which is why she promptly smashes it. A little later, the troupe has managed to find a skeleton from the torture chamber, as well as seaweed from the kitchen, from which they make a replica of Brook. Using the shards as an entrance, Chopper now secretly wants to make the exchange, but he has to sneeze and thus flee again, whereupon Carrot tries her luck. In doing so, however, she interferes with Zeus, who thinks the fly is still there and attacks. Pedro and Nami don’t fare any better either, which in turn wakes Prometheus up for a short time. When the latter attacks the supposed fly, Jinbe intervenes in a flash, with the whale shark fish-man actually managing to get everyone back to the mirror world while also swapping Brook for the dummy. To the shock of everyone present, he then reveals to his rescuers that just before his fight against Big Mom began, he managed to copy all three of the treasure trove’s Poneglyphs!

Elsewhere, Sanji has meanwhile reached the rendezvous point promised by Luffy, which bears witness to the great battle with dozens of defeated soldiers, as well as the destroyed tree. After a short while the Cook hears a growing stomach. This belongs to Luffy, who sits emaciated and close to unconsciousness on the battlefield…

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