One Piece Chapter 854


Front sidequest: Zoro wears sunglasses and rides a motorcycle that looks like a Harley. Chopper is sitting on the front fender and also wearing sunglasses.


In one of the corridors of Big Mom’s castle: Nami and Jinbe are fleeing from the guards when the navigator tries to disable her pursuers. At the same moment, however, Chopper and Carrot also appear on the screen through a mirror, which is why the reindeer is also hit by Nami’s attack. As a result, everyone escapes to the mirror world, and Charlotte Brûlée is shocked that Jinbe seems to have defected to the enemy as well. Furthermore, she makes fun of the fact that the fish-man didn’t have the courage to turn Charlotte Linlin’s roulette, to which Linlin replies that this apparent way out of the Empress’ power is actually built in such a way that one can only die, which Pedro confirms.

Meanwhile at Big Mom’s: As the pirate captain found out, Brook managed to be the first creature to hurt even her three most powerful homies, but this thrills her more than it enrages her. Although Brook seems immobilized, he can still overhear the conversations of those present. In the process, Pudding tells her mother about her run-in with Reiju, which shocks the skeleton, as does Big Mom’s revelation that Pudding will fire the first shot at Sanji tomorrow just before the kiss, after which the other Vinsmokes are to be riddled with dozens of guns in their backs…!

Meanwhile, in a meeting room of the second corridor, where some fighters and children Big Moms have gathered. Mont d’Or was able to find out that Pekoms had also come with them to Whole Cake Island, but only six people had entered through Pudding’s help. Of these, Brook is in Linlin’s personal captivity and Pedro has blown himself up in the courtyard, according to Count Chicken. Furthermore, Mont d’Or had received word from Brûlée that she had overpowered Chopper and Carrot. This leaves Luffy and Nami, who are rumored to have escaped with Jinbe’s help, though Charlotte Opera denies this, fearing Big Mom’s wrath. Instead, she says, he first tortured her and then burned her alive. Not trusting his brother, Mont d’Or nevertheless secretly gives the order to continue searching for the two….

At the same time, Sanji is still sitting there in thought, examining the basket of food he had prepared for Pudding. Then Bobbin enters, who wants to help himself to the delicacies. At that moment, however, Sanji remembers Luffy’s promise. With a well-aimed kick to the face, he hurls the subordinate Big Moms into a wall and immediately sprints off…

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