One Piece Chapter 853


Front Page Request: Sea turtles bawl their eyes out as Bartolomeo and Gambia tearfully tell them anecdotes of the Straw Hat Pirates.


In the treasury of Charlotte Linlin’s castle: Brook lost his encounter with Big Mom and was captured by her. Now the Empress raves about his uniqueness and also praises his ability to influence her soul-controlled soldiers. However, she reveals that she has created three homies who are themselves protected from Brook’s powers, as they were created from her own soul. These three are Zeus, Prometheus, and her hat named Napoleon. At this moment, Linlin’s subordinates report that nothing has been stolen, which pleases the pirate captain. As she mentions, she didn’t want to make the same mistake again as she did with Roger, who was able to steal the contents of the Road Porn glyph from her through his ability to hear “the voice of all things”. Therefore, in order to become the second person to enter Laugh Tale, she has an ace up her sleeve, who should also soon possess this skill. Then Pudding enters, who is immediately asked by her mother if she has finally managed to unleash the true power of her third eye, to which she replies that she is still not sure if she, as a half-blood, even possesses this power. Big Mom, however, is certain that the half-blood lineage of the fabled Three-Eyed Tribe is also enough to do so. Seeing the captured Straw Hat Pirate in Linlin’s hands, Pudding finally asks for a private conversation….

Meanwhile, in the courtyard: After Pedro’s sword strike, Baron Tamago has suddenly transformed into “Viscount Chick”. Therefore, the Jaguar Mink attacks his opponent again and is able to land another devastating hit, but even after that, the Long Legged Man seems to transform into a creature called “Count Chicken”. This is thanks to his devil powers, which he received from the Egg Fruit. This causes him to evolve after each enemy attack, which is why Pedro’s attacks are of no use. To the horror of everyone present, he suddenly pulls out several sticks of dynamite to end the fight, whereupon there is a big explosion…

In the mirror world of Charlotte Brûlées: As it turns out, Chopper and Carrot were just in a mirror in the courtyard, which is why they were able to save Pedro from the explosion. There safe for the time being, the three Nakama bring each other up to speed. Afterwards, when they ask the mirrors about Nami’s whereabouts in order to rescue her next, they learn that the navigator escaped and is currently in the company of Jinbe!

Meanwhile, in a corridor in the castle: Luffy is fighting his way through the guards, screaming for Sanji, when a hand grabs him and pulls him into the infirmary. It is Reiju, who tells the rubber boy that Sanji is already aware of the deception, but didn’t want to flee so as not to endanger his friends. Shocked, Luffy immediately sprints off. When Reiju asks, he reminds them that the promised meeting place is not the castle and jumps out the window!

At the same time Sanji sits in front of the castle and remembers the events of the last days. In doing so, he no longer recognizes a way back for himself…

A few seconds later Luffy lands in a house. Exhausted and hungry he wants to continue waiting for his Cook at the place of his fight against Sanji…

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