One Piece Chapter 851


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates with an underwater theme to celebrate their 20th anniversary.


Pudding’s Room at Whole Cake Island Castle: Sanji is still in shock overhearing Pudding’s account of Big Mom’s pirate gang’s secret plan to murder the Vinsmoke family and take over Germa 66. In the process, his fiancée presents a special gun, specially designed to penetrate even the superhuman bodies of the Vinsmokes. As Charlotte Linlin’s 35th daughter continues to mock Sanji’s love, he drops his gifts and tries to relight his cigarette that went out in the rain. The raindrops hide the tears on his face as he does so….

Meanwhile in the treasury, Brook is facing Big Mom as well as Zeus and Prometheus, and seems to have already taken some hits. The Empress therefore asks the intruder why he is here instead of trying to get his Nakama. To this, Brook replies that the decision of whether Sanji returns must be between the Cook and his captain. He, on the other hand, wants his efforts to prevent the voyage from being in vain should the worst case scenario occur and Sanji not return. The belief that this and not death is the worst case amuses Linlin, however Brook cannot understand why anyone would plan for his own death….

Meanwhile in the mirror world: Chopper and Carrot try to find out from Charlotte Brûlée where a mirror to the castle is, who finally reveals to them that they would have to ask the mirrors themselves. Confused, the two try their luck, whereupon the many mirrors actually answer!

Back at Pudding’s, she can hardly wait for the deadly ceremony, but nothing should happen to Reiju until then. In order not to be exposed, she suddenly presents her devilish powers to the Vinsmoke daughter, which she once received from the memory fruit. By means of these she can steal people’s memories or even replace them with others. Thus she makes Reiju forget the last hours without further ado. Sanji, on the other hand, has disappeared from the balcony in the meantime…

Meanwhile in the library: Luffy is still trying to tear off his arms to get free and warn Sanji, and in fact he seems to have already hurt himself badly despite Nami’s screams. Enter Charlotte Opera, who has been instructed to get the whereabouts of Lola out of Nami. Of course, since the navigator refuses, the 5th son of the Charlotte family begins to raise a crossbow. Before he can even begin to torture Nami, however, a voice suddenly rings out in the hall, which Opera seems to know. While he tries to make it clear to the newcomer that this is the wrong moment for a visit, Opera is attacked and unceremoniously put out of action. The attack came from Jinbe, who now asks Luffy if he would like to be freed!

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